Why Medical tourism in Ahvaz! where health patients of Ahvaz come from! best hospitals and clinics in Ahvaz and best doctors and surgeons in Ahvaz.

These are the main subjects we are going through in this article.

Ahvaz a popular destination for medical tourism

medical tourism in ahvaz
medical tourism in Ahvaz

People travel abroad for medical purposes when they cannot receive what they look for in their home country. Sometimes the existing quality and technology make them disappointed. sometimes their budget is not adequate. sometimes they prefer to get medical care when they are on vacation.

Ahvaz is one of the major cities has had a rapid improvement in attracting the health tourist during recent years.

Some outstanding features play significant roles in Ahvaz ‘Success including availability of top-rated hospitals and clinics, board –certified surgeons and doctors, cost-effective services, unspoiled attractions and good location.

ahvaz map
ahvaz map

Location of Ahvaz

Ahvaz is one of the southern cities of Iran and the capital of Khuzestan province, this city is located in the central part of Ahvaz city and in the plain part of Khuzestan, at a height of 18 meters above sea level.

Climate: dry and hot

Population: 841,145

Language: Arabic

Iraq neighboring country of Ahvaz:

Khuzestan province is bounded on the north by Lorestan province, on the northeast and east by Chaharmahal  Bakhtiari and Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad provinces, on the northwest by Ilam province, on the south by the Persian Gulf and on the west by Iraq.

In recent years, thanks to the efforts in order to facilitate the entry and exit of Iraqi people into Iran country, numerous patients from Iraq have chosen Iran as a country for treatment and medical services.

Location of Ahvaz
Location of Ahvaz

Meanwhile, Khuzestan province, because of   having the same borderline with Iraq and a lot in common with the people of this country, has received the highest number of Iraqi patients compared to other provinces of Iran, in a way that Khuzestan and especially the private hospitals of Ahwaz, are crowded with Iraqi patients. Encountering and seeing Iraqi patients has become a normal thing in these medical centers.


While some Iraqi patients have even relatives in Khuzestan province, this has given rise to a greater boom in the presence of Iraqi patients or the boom in the health tourism industry.

Not to mention, Ahwaz health tourists are not limited to neighboring

countries. many patients from all across the world are interested in traveling to Ahvaz for cosmetic and medical procedures.

Best hospitals in Ahvaz for medical tourism

best hospital in ahvaz
Best hospital in Ahvaz

Ahvaz as a major globalized city has been a popular medical tourism destination.

Plenty of top –rated private and public hospitals in Ahvaz, cutting-edge technology and medical centers adapted with international standards is the one of the significant reasons to attract health tourists’ attention.

Some famous and well-equipped private hospitals are as below:

Razi-taleqani-aria-arvand-apadana-mehr-naft-baghayi-shafa-sina-golestan-emam Khomeini

Some of Iranian surgeons:

Skin Rejuvenation by iran health agency
Skin Rejuvenation by Iran health agency

Iranians are one of the most talented nationalities in the medical sciences in the world, and have proven that they can achieve the best results by relying on Iranian intelligence and a round the clock effort. A review of the history of Iranian medical celebrities past and present shows the presence of these elites in the international arena.


Best plastic surgeons in Ahvaz:

Best plastic surgeons in Ahvaz
Best plastic surgeons in Ahvaz

Therefore, Ahvaz, as one of the industrialized and urbanized cities of Iran in not an exception.

Best Plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Ahwaz are well known for their skill and expertise. In fact, doctors are number one in their own field of proficiency in a way that can compete with European and American ones.

Iran Health Agency as a medical tourism facilitator selectively and carefully collaborate and contracted with physicians and surgeons which health and patients’ satisfaction is their top priority and do not look at the patients as wallet and money making opportunities.

Beauty and cosmetic procedures done in Ahvaz

Beauty and cosmetic procedures done in Ahvaz
Beauty and cosmetic procedures done in Ahvaz

1-Hair transplant in Ahvaz and its cost:

Hair transplant in Ahvaz by the best surgeons employing the cutting –edge technology, newest methods and cost –effective techniques at world-class clinic.

When it comes to hair transplant price in Ahvaz, it starts from 800 $ depends on methods and case severity.

The common and effective hair transplant methods in Ahvaz includes:

This device(SUT) can be used to transplant hair follicles. This technology reduces the chance of damage to the hair grafts.

During the procedure, the cutter removes the cuticle within a single millimeter, and the entire hair structure is pulled out by the suction. This actually eliminates the risk of physical damage to the hair grafts (the hair bulb and what surrounds the hair bulb).

During the second stage of hair transplantation, when the grafts are implanted, the air-holders insert the connective tissues into the micro incisions created in the dermis.

The process of removing hair follicles is more accurate than other treatments.

The SUT hair transplant procedure in Ahvaz no longer requires surgical razor, anesthesia, scar removal, and no complications;

however, we can, by means of fully automated devices under the supervision of qualified specialists, remove and transplant hair up to 14,000 real hairs, which is 3 times more than the old methods

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is one of the first methods of hair transplantation in Ahvaz. One of the features of FUE method is the hair surgeon doesn’t create any incision in the scalp that helps patients

with the faster healing process.

In addition, since the risk of complications after hair transplantation is kind of zero and no incisions, more patients go through FUE method in Ahvaz.

TDF (Two Day Fue) is the current technology used in hair transplantation in Ahvaz. In this way, men with more hair are good candidate for this method performed on two consecutive days and actually two sessions.

Whereas other techniques, you do not have to wait 6-8 months. This case works more with cases having excessive baldness in the front and back of the head (Demirel Head).

This is a very effective way for people who prefer to return to business and work life shortly after the hair transplant in Ahvaz.

FIT, FUT, BHT, DHI are the other hair transplant methods common in Ahvaz.

Rhinoplasty in Ahvaz

Rhinoplasty in Iran or nose job in Ahvaz is a procedure to improve the nose shape or function.

Thanks to the availability of latest technology, both closed Rhinoplasty and open Rhinoplasty are performed by the board-certified plastic surgeons in Ahvaz.

Closed Rhinoplasty in Ahvaz:

Closed Rhinoplasty is a method to nose surgery that gets done while the whole incisions are hidden inside the nose. This is the procedure ending up less swelling, bruise and also avoidance of a scar along the front of the nose.

Open Rhinoplasty in Ahvaz:

During the open rhinoplasty, the surgeon makes a small incision in the columella between the nostrils and then makes additional incisions inside the nose.

3-Dental veneers and Hollywood smile in Ahvaz:

dental veneers in ahvaz
Dental veneers in ahvaz

Dental veneers in Iran (sometimes called porcelain veneers or dental porcelain laminates) are ultra –thin layers made of different materials utilized in order to enhance the beauty of your smile by covering the defects of front teeth.

4-Dental implant in Ahvaz

Basically dental implant is a cosmetic procedure that replace missing or damaged teeth with tooth-like artificial material.

5-Weight loss surgery in Ahvaz

Different techniques for getting rid of obesity in Ahvaz includes:




6-Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck in Ahvaz

abdominoplasty in ahvaz
abdominoplasty in ahvaz

Abdominoplasty or “tummy tuck” is a cosmetic surgery procedure only solution for male and female suffering from excess skin and fat in the middle and lower abdomen.

Abdominoplasty helps the muscle and fascia of the abdominal wall to be tightened and more in shape.

7- A Brazilian butt lift in Ahvaz

The extra fat removed from hips, abdomen, lower back or thighs after liposuction procedure is the most ideal approaches for those willing to have Brazilian butt lift (bbl) without implants.

Actually a portion of mentioned fat is directly injected into the buttocks.

For more information: BBL in Iran

8-Facelift in Ahvaz

facelift in ahvaz
Facelift in Ahvaz

Facelift is a cosmetic procedure to gift youth to those from saggy, loose and dropped skin in face and neck utilizing various techniques.

9-Liposuction and lipomatic in Ahvaz

Liposuction in Iran is a cosmetic surgery utilizing the suction techniques to remove the excess fat that are like pain on your neck.

Liposuction in Ahvaz is a very popular fast cost-effective surgery resulting in more shaped and firmed body.

What does Iran Health Agency offer in Ahvaz?


iran health agency in ahvaz
Iran Health Agency in Ahvaz

5 best hotels in Ahvaz

ahvaz for medical tourism in iran
Ahvaz for medical tourism in Iran

pars Hotel in Ahvaz: a five-star hotel close to stunning beautiful Karun river very comfortable and clean.


Soumia Hotel in Ahvaz: a three –star hotel constructed in 6 floors and located in the best metropolis of Ahwaz. Very modern and stylish hotel providing guests with clean and calm environment

Moein garden hotel in Ahvaz: a three –stars hotel having access to Karun river is actually a complex including restaurants, shops and café.

Persia hotel in Ahvaz: good facilities, cozy environment and simple –finding location are the features of this 3-star hotel.

Naderi hotel in Ahvaz:  a three –star hotel having different types of rooms restaurant and café.

Best time of traveling to Ahvaz for medical tourism:

Best time of traveling to Ahvaz for medical tourism
Best time of traveling to Ahvaz for medical tourism

Should be mentioned that due to the high temperatures in this city, the best month to travel is February and March. In the exact months of the year when other cities are covered in snow, you will enjoy going on a sightseeing in Ahvaz.

Generally, the best season to travel south of Iran is in the winter and cold months of the year.

Against the other city of Iran that city increase in the cost of accommodation and recreation in high tourist seasons, the mentioned costs do not change much even in high season and you can find a variety of hotels suiting your budget.

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