Rhinoplasty in Shiraz Iran, at a lower cost than Tehran and professional surgeons with luxury hotels and hospitals in Shiraz before and after

Rhinoplasty in Iran is known as the most professional cosmetic surgery in this country, which has many fans all over the world.

One the other The metropolises and big cities of Iran are one of the most equipped for cosmetic surgeries.

The city of Shiraz is medically ranked first in Iran.

Board-certified doctors and equipped hospitals in the beautiful shiraz city Shiraz have made it suitable for medical and health tourism.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed on fleshy and bony noses to correct deformities and functional problems such as breathing problems.

Shiraz Rhinoplasty Before and After

rhinoplasty in shiraz Iran before and after
before and after of rhinoplasty in shiraz
before and after of rhinoplasty in shiraz
before and after of rhinoplasty in shiraz Iran
before and after of rhinoplasty in shiraz Iran
rhinoplasty in shiraz before and after | iranhealthagency

Rhinoplasty by board-certified Surgeons in Shiraz Iran

Rhinoplasty is one of the most sensitive cosmetic procedures that is performed in different open and closed methods.

On the other hand, the nose is the main organ in the respiratory system Therefore, this surgery should be performed by a specialist to avoid complications and damage to the respiratory system.

Plastic surgeon in shiraz are well-known all across the world for the most successful result.

Different Methods of Rhinoplasty in the World

different methods of rhinoplasty | iranhealthagency

And we must point out that not all rhinoplasties are performed for cosmetic purposes, and sometimes the patient has to undergo rhinoplasty to achieve his health.

Rhinoplasty is a treatment for polyps, sinuses and nasal deviations and respiratory problems.

Of course, sometimes patients who decide to undergo nose surgery prefer to have cosmetic surgery done at the same time.

Rhinoplasty is the most scientific cosmetic procedure for the nose correction, but recently, by injecting fillers and various methods, doctors are trying to work on experience of the nose

Should be mentioned that, The incisions made on the nasal fins have nothing to do with whether the operation is open or closed.

These incisions depend on the size of the nostrils and the size of the alars.

If the alars are large, a cut must be made to shrink them.

Open Rhinoplasty

Open nose job is a type of  rhinoplasty that is used to change the length and height of the nasal bone.

For therapeutic operations also open method works better since it gives better access to surgeon to easily change the shape of the bone.

In this method, both nostrils are separated by a small incision in the columella area.

After cutting, the skin on the nose can be lifted from the bone and cartilage and the inside of the nose can be seen completely.

Open or external rhinoplasty is older and safer method in comparison to the other methods.

Let’s learn More About the Benefits of open Nose Surgery!

What are the Disadvantages of Open Rhinoplasty?

Closed Nasal Auction:

In this method, no incision is made on the external nose and actually surgeon does the surgery through the nostrils

In this method, all the incisions are made inside the nose and the skin is slightly separated from the nasal skeleton.

indeed, the skin will be held up by a small device.

Why Choose a closed Method for Rhinoplasty?

This method is better if you do not need to make dramatic changes.

No need to cut in the columella area.

Are there any Disadvantages to the closed Method for Rhinoplasty? ” Yes “

Medical Tourism for Rhinoplasty in Shiraz

Shiraz city is ready to receive all the dear tourists who have traveled to this their city for medical services or only for tourism.

Shiraz with a high level of medical science is one of the best provinces in Iran to provide medical and beauty services.

If you are looking for a city to get rhinoplasty and various beauty and medical services done, don’t doubt about shiraz.

In addition to being a touristic city, you can benefit from its high quality and low cost medical services.

Shiraz is one of the largest cities in Iran, which is an excellent tourist destination.

see the medical tourism in Shiraz for complete information about other Surgeries.

Rhinoplasty in Mashhad

Another famous city in Iran is Mashhad.
Rhinoplasty is performed in Mashhad with the lowest price and by the best surgeons.
Mashhad also has very good hospitals and hotels.

see the details in rhinoplasty in Mashhad

What are the conditions of Shiraz hospitals for cosmetic surgeries?

Do not worry about receiving qualified g beauty services in Shiraz.

Certainly, Shiraz hospitals are among the most equipped and modern hospitals in Iran.

Cosmetic surgeons in Shiraz choose the best hospital or clinic for performing rhinoplasty on foreign tourists.

In terms of health, Shiraz hospitals comply with international standards Nurses and doctors in clinics and treatment centers will monitor you thoroughly.

They help you get over your recovery as soon as possible.

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What Noses need Cosmetic Surgery?

There is no general rule if a person wants to have cosmetic surgery and not treatment.

Different people may be dissatisfied with the shape of their nose

Fleshy, bony noses, hunched noses or broken noses are some of the noses that will be better shaped with rhinoplasty.

should be mentioned that, Of course, it is ENT or plastic surgeon who determines whether the desired result is achievable with the operation or not!

Before the operation, on consultation session will show before and after photos which are similar to your case and also some of them do 3d imaging to give you the idea of post-op nose.

Rhinoplasty in Shiraz

Bony noses are the so-called noses that often have humps.

These types of noses have thin skin and only the ossification has deformities.

In rhinoplasty, the bone is shaved to get the nose desired shape

Statistics show that bony rhinoplasty is more successful than fleshy nose surgery.

The ENT specialists of Shiraz will relieve your imagination of the result of the operation by presenting their work samples.

Fleshy Nose Surgery in Shiraz

Fleshy noses usually have thick skin and there are many sebaceous glands on the tip of the nose.

The tip of this type of nose is usually wide but has weak cartilage.

In the cosmetic operation of this type of nose, the cartilage is strengthened and repaired.

The operation of this nose is different from a bony nose, and the plastic surgeon or maxillofacial surgeon has a more difficult operation.

Also, the success rate of fleshy nose surgery is slightly lower than bony nose cosmetic surgery.

What changes occur on the nose during plastic surgery?

This also depends entirely on the patient’s wishes and the surgeon’s procedure.

Rhinoplasty is usually performed to fit the nose to the face.

Most people have cosmetic surgery to shrink their nose.

Corrections are made to the nose, including the following:

Thinning the skin of the nose

Which doctor should I choose for rhinoplasty in Shiraz?

You may also be concerned about who is the best rhinoplasty doctor in Shiraz ?!

the best Iranian doctors for rhinoplasty work in Shiraz.

In fact, the doctor who is right for you may not be a good doctor for someone else! Why ?

Because the way doctors act is different and the final result and form is not the same for every case .

Of course, a good doctor should be able to perform dolly  fantasy and natural rhinoplasty easily.

What are the main features of a good rhinoplasty surgeon?

Prioritize the patient’s health before anything else.

How many days does a nose job take?

People who travel to Shiraz for medical tourism have this question:

How many days should we stay in this city for rhinoplasty?

The whole process takes 8 days!

You should be examined by a doctor before the operation and then taking the necessary tests.

You should also consider a short period after the operation to recover and be hospitalized.

Which hotel in Shiraz should we stay in?

shiraz hotels 1

Considering that Shiraz is one of the big cities and one of the tourism hubs of Iran, therefore  you can choose first-class hotels.

In the following sentences , we will introduce you to 5 excellent hotels in Shiraz so that you can travel to Shiraz safely.

  1. Shiraz Grand Hotel: The address of this 5-star hotel on Ayatollah Rabbani Boulevard is the Quran Gate.
  2. Shiraz Chamran Hotel: It is another 5 star hotel in Shiraz and is located in Chamran Boulevard.
  3. Homa Hotel in Shiraz: This hotel is also 5 stars and is located in Meshkin Fam Street at the corner of Azadi Park.
  4. Zandieh Hotel in Shiraz: The traditional 5-star luxury hotel in Zandieh is located on Hijrat Street, between the parking crossroads and the municipality square.
  5. Persepolis Hotel Shiraz: It is an old international hotel that is 5 stars but has a lower quality than the previous 4 options.

Other hotels includeing Pars Hotel, Vakil Hotel and Niayesh Hotel, which are of low quality but acceptable

Of course, the traditional inns of this city are very famous, but not recommended to health tourists

Tourist and Historical Places of Shiraz

If you have decided to read this article, you are supposed to think about rhinoplasty in Shiraz

But keep it in mind  that by traveling to this city you can have good days and see special historical places.

First of all, I must mention the tombs of Saadi and Hafez that people all over the world travel to Shiraz to see the eternal status of famous Iranian poets.

Visiting the tomb of Cyrus the Great, Pasargadae, is another reason to travel to Shiraz.

Persepolis, Eram Garden, Haft Tanan Garden, Shah Cheragh Garden, Jahan Nama Garden, Vakil Bazaar and Mosque, and dozens of museums and historical sites that date back to the past centuries attract the people of the world to Shiraz.

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