Let’s go through Mashhad

Mashhad or Mashad is the second largest city located in northeast of Iran country neighbor of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan.the current number of Mashhad resident approaches to 3,001,184 persons.

Let me mention different parts of Mashhad like shandiz,torqabe and Mashhad Tammam . specially Shandiz being famous for pleasant weather and nice sightseeing.

you can see: Rhinoplasty in Mashhad

The most important cosmetic surgery in Mashhad is rhinoplasty, in which many tourists travel to Mashhad every year to benefit from highly specialized surgeons and low prices of rhinoplasty.

Why Mashhad as a medical tourism destination.

One of the important reason for choosing Mashhad as a destination for medical treatment can be including different tourist attractions. As you may know this city is famous for Imam Reza (the eight Shia Emma) holy shrine which is pretty popular among tourist and specifically pilgrims from Shia countries like Iraq Oman Syria and etc.

Iran Health Agency MashahadAccording to the latest researches the number of foreign tourist and pilgrim was around 5000 persons in the last year (2018).

Another reason refers to government has been investing in medical tourism. more than 12 famous and first grade hospital and also about 6 clinic located in Mashhad have obtained the official permission to support tourist in handling their medical services including plastic and medical surgeries Rhinoplasty Abdominoplasty ,hair transplant and plenty of surgical issues.

In a basis of recent medical research on the number of tourist have traveled to Mashhad for cosmetic and medical treatment, there was approximately 15 percent increase in comparison to the last year.

The mission and target of government are attracting tourist to selecting Mashhad as a medical tourism destination by equip local hospitals and clinics involved in medical services with the latest version of technology and equipment, stabling affordable price, high –quality services in the fields of fertility treatment, stem cell treatment and dialysis, as well as heart, cosmetic.

Not to mention Mashhad is one the main poles of medical tourism filed therefore the surgeons and doctors even nurses considered for curing and treating tourist have been graduated from creditable and authentic university all across the word. let me they have been operating and working in this field and have gained experience in different part of this huge medical word from simple injection such as Botox and filler till other difficult and risky surgeries as hard as heart surgery.

Surgical procedure cost in Mashhad

As a result of Iran’s currency affection and other reason medical services are performed and offered in an extremely affordable way in comparison to another country. Despite Mashhad is one of the largest major cities of Iran head official of these city have been trying to provide low-cost services either for resident or tourist and foreigners.

All in all Iran is a unique and appropriate selection as a destination for medical services and also Iran health agency a customer –oriented company involving in this filed for more than 3 years focuses on attracting the customers satisfaction by providing them with verity of cosmetic medical surgeries and treatment including Rhinoplasty  ,Abdominoplasty ,hair transplantation  breast job ,eye an d ear diseases dental procedure ,genital problems and etc. with combining them with tourism and fun tours.

A to z of treatment procedure will be up to company such as airport transfer, interpreter, accommodation, all medicine and necessary lab test cost from   tourists’ arrival as long as their stay in Iran till their departure.

The company’s target is providing memorable and also profitable vacation in IRAN.

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