All You Need to Know About Male Rhinoplasty!
All You Need to Know About Male Rhinoplasty!

Male Rhinoplasty is a beauty and health emphasizing procedure. Beauty is not just dedicated to ladies, Rather, men have a share of medical science improvement.

In this post of rhinoplasty category, I have provided a complete guide to respected gentlemen that if you are with me to the end, you will have everything you need to know about male rhinoplasty.

Important point:

All information for this article is for 2020!

male Rhinoplasty or nose job is a plastic surgery leading to facial aesthetic boost and structural defects elimination.

What is male Rhinoplasty?

Male Rhinoplasty or so-called nose job is an immediate result procedure affecting the appearance and structure of nose to enhance aesthetic aspects and functional features.

There are two general methods for male, next paragraph will go through it extendedly.

Does male rhinoplasty cost more than nose job for women?

Cost of rhinoplasty  depends on case, destination,reputation of surgeon and also gender can be an option.since male Rhinoplasty is more complicated and takes longer time it can require more money.

What is the price of male rhinoplasty in Iran?

Before and after photos of male Rhinoplasty

teenage boy rhinoplasty before and after
old man rhinoplasty before after
before after male rhinoplasty
male Rhinoplasty before after
male Rhinoplasty before and after
male rhinoplasty before and after photo

What are the Differences of men and women rhinoplasty?

There are certain considerations that should be taken into account when performing rhinoplasty in men compared to rhinoplasty in ladies.

  1. The masculine nose should not have a very upright tip, which will make the nose look abnormal. The angle of rotation of the nose after nose surgery in men should be between 90 to 100 degrees. Turning the nose tip too much after surgery can lead to a woman’s nose shape with oversized nostrils.


  1. The differences between the genders are evident in the overall appearance of their faces. Specialists believe a man’s face should be conical, while in women, the face should be delicate and heart-shaped.
Differences of men and women rhinoplasty
Differences of men and women rhinoplasty
  1. Just like faces, the nose of men and women also differ in the shape and size. The men’s nose tends to be somewhat prominent and has a wider transverse septal, especially in the middle of the nose than elsewhere. Nasal skin is also different in men because it is usually thicker than women’s skin. A woman’s nose should usually be slightly shorter than a man’s nose.


  1. There are also other differences in the nose for men and women based on their ethnicity.

How must be the masculinize Rhinoplasty?

  • Proportional distance between lip and nose
  • The size of the nose should be proportional to other components of the face in a way that it doesn’t look too small.
  • The surgeon should consider reducing the size of the nose to achieve a normal and natural nose, the size of the nose plays a significant role in the beauty of face, and the male nose should be proportional to other facial features.
  • The fit of the nasal arch in a practical male nose model
  • The amount of arch in the nose is one of the most important in a practical male nose model.
  • Nose Surgeon Before Surgery After evaluation and examination, will clarify the predication the outcome. noted that the first priority is patient’s desire while maintaining his health.
  • Normally men are interested in less nasal arches, and generally natural nose.


What are the positive aspects of male rhinoplasty?

  • Creation of balance between nose and other facial component
  • Structural improvement
  • Life-time durability
  • Self-steam improvement

What are the different methods of male Rhinoplasty?

When it comes to Rhinoplasty, a part from gender, there are two methods for that including

Closed male Rhinoplasty:

In closed nose surgery, the nose surgeon performs all the incisions needed to access the cartilage and bone structures inside the nose and on the nasal mucosa.

That’s why many experts believe that endonasal (intranasal access) is A more correct term for this is method instead of closed access.

Open male Rhinoplasty:

In open nose surgery, which is better to use the term external access, a small incision is made on the skin of column between the two nostrils (calomella) on the outside.

The cut allows the surgeon to gain access to better vision and greater maneuverability. For this reason, a large number of complex structural abnormalities of the noses that failed to succeed in the past

Today, with the help of open method, could achieve better and more complete results. Open or external access is the preferred method of the majority of nose surgeons in the United States today.

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Common Reasons Why Men Undergo a Rhinoplasty Surgery?

When a boy thinks of Rhinoplasty, he may be suffering from problems below:

Appearance problem

  • Hump on the bone of nose
  • Large, rounded tip
  • long nose
  • Bottom tip (especially when smiling)
  • Big nostrils
  • too wide or too flat bridge
  • crooked nose

the mentioned defects are sometimes rooted in ethnicity or genetics. In addition to genetic problems, sometimes they happen due to sports injuries or other accidents

Respiratory problems in men

Many men have trouble breathing with their nose. Respiratory problems due to deviated septal and bridge , respiratory failure, or hypertrophy turbine can be performed concurrently with nasal cosmetic surgery.

What defects can be eliminated by male Rhinoplasty?

male Rhinoplasty
male Rhinoplasty

The actions taken in masculinize are to eliminate the aesthetical and structural defects, maintain or improve respiratory function and aesthetically form to keep the manly appeal.

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If the nose surgery in men is performed with the aim of having only small nose, will not end up succeed. Nose Surgery in Men and it may lose the charm and masculinity of a person’s face and may in some cases lead to a change in the sound of the individual.

Good to mention that, too long or deviated septal can be hardly corrected because it may be due to protruding bones, drawn cartilage or deflected nasal nostrils.

How to deal with swelling after male Rhinoplasty?

The things that help you reduce swelling and bruising on your face is the consumption of natural juices, especially celery juice. In fact, celery or orange juice will have a surprising effect on reducing swelling and bruising.

It is also advisable to sleep on your back using two or three pillows during the rest period to be in a half-sitting position with the head and neck above the head.

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how long does male rhinoplasty take?

Male Rhinoplasty takes about 2 hours because of its specific sensitivities. Nasal surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

Nasal surgery is commonly referred to as an outpatient procedure, meaning it does not require an overnight stay in a hospital. You either become generally or locally unconscious. With local anesthesia, you relax and your nose becomes numb, so you won’t feel any pain during surgery

Who is a candidate for male Rhinoplasty?

  • A person having a realistic view on outcome.
  • People unsatisfied with the shape of nose
  • Suffering from breathing problem
  • Physically matured people
  • The ones who can afford the expenses

Generally, Rhinoplasty either in ladies or guys is an optional decision.

What is the best age of Rhinoplasty for men?

Men can go through nose job after the physical development of adolescence is complete. Statistically girls can work after the age of 16, and the boys can act upon the completion of the age of 18.

Note that this is a statistic and not a general rule for everyone, and consider this for each individual person as you may have reached this age and are still growing. It is natural that in such a situation you still have to wait until your stature growth is complete.

If you doubt about whether your growth is complete or not, it is best to measure and record your height for six consecutive months. If there is no increase, you can safely operate.

How to prepare for male Rhinoplasty?

  1. Men who intend to have their nose surgery should be referred to a nose surgeon who has a history of men’s nose surgery.
  2. Perform all the tests required before nasal surgery.
  3. Do not eat anything for 8 hours before nose surgery.
  4. Gentlemen trim or shave their beard and mustache before nose surgery.
  5. Avoid smoking two weeks before your nose surgery.
  6. Avoid taking warfarin and aspirin two weeks before nose surgery.
  7. Men before rhinoplasty tell their expectations to the nose surgeon.
  8. Tell your surgeon if your nose is fractured or hit.
  9. Before surgery, the nose surgeon should ask questions about depression and obsession with men and avoid any nose surgery if the patient has symptoms.

Are there any risks with male Rhinoplasty?

Male nose surgery has its own risks like other surgical procedures. noted that the risks should be fully considered by the surgeon prior to surgery. The potential risks that rhinoplasty can have as follows:

  • Infection
  • Adverse reactions to anesthesia
  • Hematoma (when blood is collected under the skin)
  • Numbness
  • nose bleeding
  • Presence of wounds at the base of the nose
  • Swelling and rupture of blood vessels on the surface of the skin
  • Swelling
  • Permanent nerve damage
  • Correction less or more than the needed level
  • breathing Difficulty
  • necessity of revision Rhinoplasty in some cases

How long is recovery duration of male Rhinoplasty?

7 days after male Rhinoplasty you can resume the routine activities like school or work but not intensive work out and sports.

In the early stages of recovery and after split removal, you will be able to consider the overall shape of the nose. After surgery, you will need a 2-week course to improve and enable bruising and relieve swelling. In fact, some inflation will persist for up to a year, and especially after a revision. Until then, only you (and those who know you very well) will be able to detect any inflation. The inflation that remains will be very minor, so your nose will get better and better over time. Usually 1 to 3 months after the operation, most of the swelling will disappear

What are post-op cares of male Rhinoplasty?

post-op cares of male Rhinoplasty
post-op cares of male Rhinoplasty

The actions that individuals must abandon for at least two weeks including:

Tobacco: Nicotine in cigarettes or glycine increases the chance of bleeding. It also prevents oxygen supply to the blood, so smoking is banned for at least two weeks.

Alcohol-containing drinks: Consumption of these drinks will slow the healing process by dilating blood vessels.

Diluting medicines: Use of diluting medicines lowers blood concentration and therefore increases the risk of bleeding.

avoid driving for 2 weeks.

Avoid swimming fore 2 moths

Is male Rhinoplasty permanent?

It should be borne in mind that the result of cosmetic surgery in men is permanent.

But also keep in mind that cosmetic surgery cannot prevent aging and its effects on your nose and face.

You may have this question that Why does the nose generally lose its strength over time and become longer?

The reason is that over time, the nasal cartilage get loosen and hang down.And at the same time the nasal bones become smaller. thats why older people have meatier and longer noses.

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