how to get rid of swelling sooner after Rhinoplasty
how to get rid of swelling sooner after Rhinoplasty

“No, is still swelling” it was my reaction when people telling me your nose hasn’t changed a lot When saw me three weeks after my rhinoplasty.

It was purchasing my wedding party and I kept being more depressed every day.

I decided to review my surgeon’s instructions one more time and changed I have any wrong and hurting habits.

Let’s see what is the reason of swelling?

Obviously there are some side effects with any surgery no matter it is a general or cosmetic surgery.

after nose surgery, both the nose and the face swell. The cause of swelling is subcutaneous bleeding.

and also the entry of Fluids from the veins to the facial tissues can exacerbate the swelling.

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I decided to try speeding up recovery duration

I decided to try speeding up recovery durationOf course there wasn’t any possibility of getting a final shape and result over a night, but at least I could speed up the recovery surgeon told me:

Have enough rest:

But I remembered the day I had to go to office and work hardly  after immediate 4 days and hectic days at work. therefore, I couldn’t have enough time to rest. But please you don’t do what I did, there is nothing more significant than your health.

Take at least 7-8 off days. during first 3 days’ sleep as much as you can but not in wrong position.

Sleep correctly:

the hardest part of recovery duration is nights and sleeping times. noted that on the first 3 days you must be very careful of sleeping position. The head must be higher than body so use two or three pillow to keep your head in a higher location.

Preferably don’t sleep on the floor and do it on the bed.

The best sleeping position after Rhinoplasty is sleeping on the back therefore avoid sleeping on your sides till 2 weeks.

how to sleep after rhinoplasty

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Use ice compress:

The use of cold compresses on the nose and middle areas for the first 3 days to reduce swelling and bruising is a great necessity and also one of the most important postoperative Rhinoplasty care

What shouldn’t eat:

  • Don’t eat salty foods after nose surgery.
  • Don’t eat chewable and tough foods
  • Don’t test foods you haven’t tried before you may be allergic to them
  • Limit spicy intake

What should eatWhat should eat:

  • Eat healthily as much as possible.
  • Soup and soft foods help with rapid healing
  • Fruit and vegetables are good sources of fibers
  • Pineapple is wound healing fruit
  • avocado, fatty fish, and extra virgin olive oil are rich in monounsaturated fats.

What shouldn’t drink:

  • Don’t drink sour juices like orange after surgery to protect your stomach from irritation.
  • Stop drinking alcohol
  • Stop drinking what contains caffeine
  • Carbonated drink

What should drink

What should drink:

  • Dehydration hurts the healing process so drink enough water.
  • Pineapple, peach, Celery are helpful after Rhinoplasty.
  • Hot green tea

don’t work out hardly:

intensive exercise applies a lot of pressures to the nasal. for not being out of shape get on a healthy diet and postponed the work-out to after recovery duration.

don’t smoke:

normally at least 2 weeks before any surgeries you are prescribed to quit smoking .in case of Rhinoplasty you must even avoid smoking after Rhinoplasty till recovery process is fulfilled. Since smoke slows down the healing procedure, blood circulation and also increase the risks of infection.

Regular tape changing:

One of the most important post-operative care of the nose which is very effective on the result of the operation is the use of nasal tapping. After the nose job procedure, the bandage is used to reduce swelling and formation of the nose. The first 3 weeks after surgery, the tape helps to form the nose and reduce its swelling and after that it only reduces the swelling.

The duration of tapping depends on the skin, which ranges from about 2 weeks to 6 months. People who have thin, clear skin for two weeks and those with thick skin should tape for at least 6 months.

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Be patient:

At the end, I figured out that my concern and anxiety not only doesn’t promote the healing process but also hurts it.

Slowly but surely you will get rid of nasal swelling so stop frequently standing up in front of mirror and picking on your nose.

Some of frequently asked questions

Does Corticosteroids speed up Rhinoplasty recovery?

In some cases, corticosteroids are injected when after 6 months there is still too noticeable swelling around nose.

Noted the injection must be done cautiously, since it may negatively affect and end up so thin nasal skin and ruining the nose shape.

Is the recovery of meaty Rhinoplasty longer?

Normally Rhinoplasty takes one to one and half year to be totally recovered. but about meaty or fleshy nose this duration is a bit longer.

And longer healing process is due to thick skin and complicated structure.

Does amount of bruise and swelling related to doctor?

Amount of bruise and swelling depends on multiple reasons. not to mention that surgeon’s technique and proficiency play the most important role.

post-operative care of rhinoplasty
post-operative care of rhinoplasty

I feel bigger nose in the morning .is my feeling right?

Normally, if one sleeps for a long time, the face, especially around the eyes, may swell, and in some cases, the nose may even swell slightly, which is of no concern. The longer you take it, the less inflation will be left and the conditions will return to preoperative.

Does Anahil tablets speed up Rhinoplasty recovery?

Bromelain (the main ingredients of Anahil tablet) has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antithrombotic and fibrinolytic effects and increases serum fibrinolytic activity and decreases plasma fibrinogen levels.

It also reduces blood vessel permeability by lowering blood bradykinin levels resulting in reduced swelling and pain.

How can I recognize swelling from the real shape of my nose after surgery?

Time will clear everything, after one to two years the real shape of nose will appears sometimes it is temporary swelling and sometimes permanent defects that can only be removed by revision Rhinoplasty.


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