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Saai Clinic

Saai Clinic

Introducing the doctor

Surgeon in Tehran

Saai Clinic , Skin and Hair Clinic offers you a relaxing environment with the benefit of an experienced and skillful staff and high-quality services and exemplary medical services and many years of experience.

The management style and context of this center is a localized model of the most standard forms of international management, which can be a model for many cooperative and even non-cooperative institutions. Applying professional and up-to-date methods and processes in the field of medicine and beauty, such as human resource training models, up-to-date unique customer-oriented formulas, quality of services and human relations, and even financial and administrative used in the management structure of this complex During the past ten years of its activity, has introduced the highest quality management models to medical circles.

The vision of this company is Providing health and cosmetic services to all beauty seekers inside and outside the country with the benefit of international equipment and standards and developing services in the form of expanding the network of medical and beauty centers throughout the country and improving the health tourism industry.


Years of experience : 10

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