Hairline lowering by hair transplant in Iran
Hairline lowering by hair transplant in Iran

Don’t let an over large forehead ruin the beauty of your face. hairline lowering or forehead reduction procedure is a lifetime solution for emphasizing facial aesthetic.

How is the procedure of hairline lowering?

There or two common methods for forehead reduction or hairline lowering:

invasive surgical hairline lowering:

Forehead reduction is performed using local anesthesia or general anesthesia, which may take from 1 to 2 hours.

Generally, an incision is made along the hair growth line on the forehead. But since natural hair grows on the line after this surgery, the residual scar remains hidden beneath the hair.

During this operation, the extra skin on the forehead is removed and the scalp is pulled forward. at the end, the incision is closed with tiny sutures.

Non-invasive non-surgical hairline lowering:

None-surgical hairline lowering refers to hair transplantation. The procedure starts with designing the new hairline on the basis of each individual face anatomy.

Hair follicles from the back of head get transferred to the frontal hairline because of their thickness and resistance.

The result is a lower hairline by the hair transplantation.

Which method is common for hairline lowering by hair transplantation?

methods of hairline lowering
methods of hairline lowering

Since the forehead reduction by hair transplant is a super delicate procedure. SUV method is the most adapted method.

The advantages of this method are its precision and density. the SUV method is highly recommended because of the natural outcome, safety, density and no bleeding and pain.

How is SUV method done for hairline lowering?

The SUT procedure is similar to FIT or Micro FIT, except that hair follicles are harvested by the device instead of by hand holders (in the FIT method).

This device can be used to transplant hair follicles. This technology reduces the chance of damage to the hair grafts. During the procedure, the cutter removes the cuticle within a single millimeter, and the entire hair structure is pulled out by the machine. This actually eliminates the risk of physical damage to the hair grafts (the hair bulb and what surrounds the hair bulb).

How much cost is hairline lowering by hair transplant?

Cost of hairline lowering by hair transplant

Another reason of SUV method’s popularity is affordability. although the price differs from country to country or even surgeon to surgeon, it normally doesn’t cost a fortune.

Due to devaluation of Iran’s currency during recent years. Hairline lowering in Iran can be the most cost-effective option.

Hairline lowering by hair transplant in Iran costs 900-1200 $ which is 40-70 percent cheaper than other countries.

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What are the risks of hairline lowering by hair transplant?

Although a forehead reduction surgery is considered to be safe, no surgery will be without risks and side effects.

Possible risks and complications include bleeding, infection and fluid congestion, and complications and risks to the beauty include deformity of the forehead.

What are advantages of hairline lowering by hair transplant?

advantages of hairline lowering by hair transplant
advantages of hairline lowering by hair transplant
  • Natural outcome
  • Good price
  • No need to general anesthesia
  • Time consuming
  • Minimum side effects
  • Permanent procedure

Who is the candidate for hairline lowering by hair transplant?

It is important to know that certain conditions are required for hairline lowering by hair transplant, so not everyone can use it. One of the most important conditions is having enough hair in different parts of the backside and around the ear.

I mean the donor area must be dense enough.

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How many grafts are needed for hairline lowering by hair transplant?

Hairline lowering before and afterthe number of required grafts differs from person to person depending on length of forehead and hairline.

But the average needed grafts are 1000-2500.

Recovery duration after hairline lowering by hair transplant.

Recovery duration depends on largeness of donor area. Although the procedure is done under local anesthesia, the most of patients encounter a tolerable pain after surgery.

Hair loss during   the first month is the normal process after hair transplant. But the final outcome will appear after 4-5 month.

Is hairline lowering by hair transplant permanent?

Is hairline lowering by hair transplant permanent
Is hairline lowering by hair transplant permanent

You should know that hair transplantation is a lifetime procedure. If the hair is not well-implanted, you may have scarred or discolored hair, or even blistering, destroying entire hair transplant results.

Therefore, select your surgeon with open eyes.

Does hairline lowering by hair transplant leave scar?

To tell the truth yes. But hidden ant not visible. The scar will be left on the donor area which is covered by the hair of around area.

Can we dye the color of forehead area after hair transplant?

The characteristics of these transplanted hairs are equal to natural hair, therefore we can have the same behavior with them. The hair can be trimmed and cut, but noted that The transplanted hair should not be dyed or curled only during the first month after procedure.

Even the beards and mustaches planted in gentlemen are perfectly natural and can be shaved.

What are the side effects of forehead reduction by hair transplantation?

What are the side effects of forehead reduction by hair transplantation
What are the side effects of forehead reduction by hair transplantation

If the hair transplant is performed by an experienced hair specialist who is familiar with the details of the skin and hair conditions and also in compliance with standard physical and sterile conditions, then there will be no complications

but there are some temporary complications after the hair transplant, including mild swelling in forehead that can be can controlled by adjusting the semi-sleeping position for the first few nights and cold compresses immediately after hair transplant.

Pain in the donor or recipient area of ​​the hair, which is often mild and fleeting, can be resolved by taking painkillers.

Some important instructions regarding hairline lowering by hair transplant:

Hair transplant should be in a way that is completely natural and follows the principles of aesthetics.

The natural growth line is never linear, any hairline that is perfectly linear and well-designed and tidy along a straight line will not look natural.

Single or double funicular units and eclipses should be used for hair transplantation in the hairline area.

A natural hairline should not be transplanted very close to or very far from the eyebrows.

When designing a hairline for hair transplants, one must also consider the age of the individual. It is important to consider the difference in the hair growth line of a 30-year-old with a 50-year-old.


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