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Professor Mohammad Ali Nilforoushzadeh

Professor Mohammad Ali Nilforoushzadeh

Introducing the doctor

Professor Mohammad Ali Nilforoushzadeh completed his studies in general medicine in 1990 and in 1373 (1994 AD) he succeeded in obtaining the specialized board of skin and hair, then he succeeded in obtaining the board of skin surgery and hair transplant from Canada In (2000) and then in England, he completed the fellowship of skin plastic surgery, laser and hair transplant. He improved his experiences in Toronto, Canada in 2001 and in London in (2002).

He is the head of the Skin and Stem Cell Research Center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, the manager of the Iranian Dermatology Association, the head of the Iranian Regenerative Medicine Center, and the head of the Leishmaniasis and Skin Diseases Research Center, and he is also a member of the World Hair Transplant Association.

Professor Nilfroshzadeh started hair transplant surgery with the standard punch method in 1995 then he switched to the mini micrograft method in hair transplant surgery, and finally, in recent years, he only used fit and fut methods in large hair transplant sessions. Dr. Nilfrooshzadeh is one of the international
figures in the field of skin surgery, laser and hair transplant, who was the Medical Faculty at the ESHRI European Annual International Congress in London in 2003 and Berlin in 2003.

With more than 250 international ISI and PubMed articles, Professor Mohammad Ali Nilforoushzadeh is always working hard in line with the progress of science, and currently he is the head of the Skin and Stem Cell Research Center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences in the field of cell therapy and stem cells.. He is the person who presented articles with the highest sample volume in the world about sub-section with cannula, and these articles were published in the most reliable articles with high reference and the attention of global skin and hair experts.


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