Bulbous nose job in Iran
Bulbous nose job in Iran

Rhinoplasty or nose job is a facial plastic surgery in order to reshape and resize the nose. bulbous nose job is one of the most common types of this popular procedure. Stay tuned to learn more about bulbous or rounded Rhinoplasty.

Is my nose bulbous?

  • From an ordinary patient’s point of view: a too big, wide, round nose lacking definite shape is a bulbous nose. sometimes they describe it as a rounded small ball lactated in the lower part of nasal.
  • But from a surgeon point of view the Combination of different features get together to create nasal tip bulbosity. Including poor cartilage strength covered by heavy soft-tissue. Another feature can be poorly defined hypertrophic lower lateral cartilages which is commonly seen in ethnic noses. too wide cartilages that are spaced to far apart and thick skin are other signs of bulbous and rounded nasal.
Nose surgery at an amazing price in Iran

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What is done during bulbous nose job?

The purpose of bulbous nose job is to bring the patient to aesthetic goals. but what is done to bulb use nose is not a fixed formula for everyone. Actually the details of procedure will be discussed during the consultation.

In the past, the surgeons use to remove a large amount of tissue and cartilage to improve the appearance of bulbous tip .it was a common and popular approach among surgeons but then it turns out that shaving and resection of nasal cartilage, not only doesn’t remove the bulbosity but also chips away at the general nasal appetence. Actually this wrong method ends up uneven nostrils, pinching tip and destabilization.

New method goes toward reconfiguring and refining small cartilage edges to address the tip without compromising nasal structure, but sometimes it may also require special suturing techniques or cartilage grafting or a combination of all of the above.

New method results in natural nasal look by improving the cartilage instead of removing it.

As the skeletal support of the bulbous nose is weak, the nasal size is first adjusted to shape the nose and the cartilage that is not in good shape is removed. Then weak structures are reinforced by cartilage bonds.

Is bulbous nose job more difficult than bony nose job?

In the bony nose, the most important thing is to reduce the volume of the nose and to form it, while in the bulbous nose the most important action is to cut the tissue from one part and add tissue to the other part or parts.

The additive tissue is most often cartilage that is removed from the nasal septum, but is sometimes bony and unusable due to a history of trauma or fracture or because of the unspecified cartilage. ear cartilage is usually the second choice  .

It should be noted that removing cartilage from the ear has very little effect and should not cause any concern.

All above bulbous nose job requires more proficiency and experience therefore the surgeon must be selected considerably.

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Which method is the best for bulbous nose?

Small deformities can be fixable with closed Rhinoplasty but when it comes to severe problems open Rhimoplasty is better option since it gives full vision and access to internal parts.

In severe bulbous cases open Rhinoplasty works better.

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When is the best age for bulbous nose job?

Normally, the appropriate age for nose job is 18 years, but if the physical development is complete It is also possible at an early age such as 15 years

What to do before bulbous nose job?

in the following paragraph there are some points to be observed before the nose operation. But be sure to consult your doctor for more detailed information.

  • You should not take aspirin two weeks before surgery.
  • Tobacco and nicotine can cause blood vessels to constrict and also disrupt blood circulation, so avoid using it at least 2 weeks before nose surgery.
  • Avoid eating and drinking 8 hours before surgery.
  • Drink plenty of water the day before surgery.
  • Take a shower the night before surgery. In addition to cleansing your body of any makeup, lotions and creams, it can also help you relax.
  • If you have nail polish, wipe it off.
  • Be sure to check out the ways to get to the clinic or hospital you are going to in order to avoid stress on the day of surgery.
  • No jewelry should be with you on the day of the operation.
  • Bring your medical examination and photos on the day of surgery.


What to do after bulbous nose job?

The first 2 hours after surgery is the most difficult time for recovery. During this time, the effect of anesthetic drugs has not disappeared. At this time, you may experience some headaches, swelling, bruising and nose bleeding. it is advisable to just relax and use prescribed painkillers. Here are some tips to follow after your nose surgery.

  • The best time to bathe after a nose surgery is 8-9 days after surgery.
  • Use cold compresses around the nose and under the eyes for at least 3 hours after surgery to reduce bruising and swelling.
  • Up to 3 hours’ intake mixed and soft drinks and foods. Avoid foods and fruits that need to be chewed, such as carrots, apples, etc.
  • Traveling by plane is not recommended during the first few days after nose surgery.
  • Sneeze or cough with an open mouth to prevent compression of the nose.
  • Avoid blowing and applying pressure on the nose as they can cause bleeding.
  • Avoid laughing and talking too much in the first few weeks.
  • Avoid salt.
  • Don’t forget foods that are helpful in reducing facial swelling. Pineapple juice, aloe vera and celery can help reduce facial swelling. You can mix carrot juice to improve the taste of celery juice. When resting and sleeping, put some pillows under your head.
  • Use a soft toothbrush.
  • Sunglasses should not be used for up to two months. You can replace the lens.
  • Avoid heavy lifting as well as vigorous exercise for the first few weeks.
  • Swelling removal and skin sticking to the nasal skeleton will be time consuming, so the swelling on both sides of your nose will definitely be different, even if the two sides are reshaped and resized the same. So don’t worry about it.
  • Taping is to reduce swelling and stick the nose skin to the skeleton so be careful in how you tape the nose.
  • In the first few days and months after your nose surgery, your nasal form is not completely clear, so don’t let others judge your nose.


Is recovery duration of bulbous rhinoplasty longer than bony nose?

After nasal surgery the swelling is quite normal plus there is a slight bruising under the eyes in the first week after surgery which will be completely remedied over time. Swelling after broiler nose surgery is far more common than bone nose.

But normally after 8-9 days you can resume the daily activities.

How to get rid of swelling sooner after bulbous nose job?

The amount of bruising under the eyes and swelling depends on the actions and changes the nose surgeon has made during surgery.

Anti-inflammatory and antibiotic ointments will be prescribed by your doctor if they are found to reduce swelling.

how to get rid of swelling sooner after Rhinoplasty

Is bulbous nose job more expensive?

fleshier soft tissue, larger cartilage and thicker skin required more experienced surgeon, and also bulbous nose job normally takes longer time.

so severity, reputation of doctor, longer time get together to make the bulbous nose job cost more in comparison to bony nose job

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Is bulbous nose job revisable?

The answer is no, since what is add or reduced from cartilage is remains stable forever. but what is true of the fleshy nose is more severe and prolonged swelling.

Thickness of the skin is a limiting factor. Thick skin is not able to fully stick to the small skeleton beneath it. As a result, the nasal passages become prominent in some areas, especially the upper part of the nose, causing the nose to remain flat and formless despite surgery.

Noted that thanks to new methods and approaches fleshy and bulbous nose job are possible as well as bony ones.

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What are the risks of bulbous nose job?

Aesthetic rhinoplasty does not refer to making the nose small, but it also means creation harmony between a bulbous and other facial component. Nasal size reduction is desirable until the nasal breathing function is compromised. Other complications of nasal surgery include:

  • Reduce the sense of smell
  • Bleeding
  • Nasal perforation
  • Too Small nostrils
  • Infection
  • Damage to deep tissue
  • Skin numbness
  • Death by anesthesia
  • Increased oral respiration
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What are the benefits of bulbous nose job?

  • Creation of harmony between facial component
  • Getting rid of functional problem
  • More beauty
  • More self-stem
  • Deformities removal

Can bulbous nose job be done under local anesthesia?

The answer is yes, it all depends on surgeon technique and expertise. generally, nose job can be done under either of local or general anesthesia.

Can the bulbous nose be reshaped without surgery?

The definite permanent way to get rid of bulbosity of your nasal tip is only surgery. nasal deformity can be reshaping by filler but there are no methods to make the cartilage narrower.

Recently the usage of enzyme has been getting popular but it has its own complication and risks and doesn’t stay permanently.

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Does laser therapy work with bulbous nose job?

No. The use of lasers in head and neck surgeries for specific problems such as skin lesions, refractive errors and laryngeal lesions are limited, on the other hand laser cosmetic surgeries are mostly propaganda and deceitful.


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