Can I resume regular exercise after a BBL in Iran?

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL in Iran) is a popular cosmetic surgery among men and women that is designed to increase the size of the buttocks and sculpt a person’s lower body shape.Understandably, many patients who choose this method ask about exercise to maintain their BBL results. Many also want to know what is the best […]

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL in Iran) is a popular cosmetic surgery among men and women that is designed to increase the size of the buttocks and sculpt a person’s lower body shape.
Understandably, many patients who choose this method ask about exercise to maintain their BBL results. Many also want to know what is the best type of exercise to do and what to avoid, and the effects weight loss can have on their new body shape.

When is the best time to exercise after Brazilian butt lift surgery (BBL in Iran)?

The doctors advise “BBL in Iran” and liposuction patients to wait 4-6 weeks before resuming their exercise program. This gives the body time to recover after cosmetic or plastic surgery, and the fat cells transferred to be optimally stabilized in the area with a fixed blood source. Exercise before this time can affect fat transfer and thus overall BBL results.
Until then, BBL patients continue to experience some degree of swelling and bruising, and sometimes wear their compression garments, which makes it difficult to exercise comfortably.

exercise after Brazilian butt

Do I have to exercise to maintain my BBL in Iran results?

The Brazilian Butt lift operation is a combination of Vaser liposuction to remove excess fat and contour the body shape. The removed fat cells are then transferred to the buttocks and surrounding areas to improve the appearance of your back.
While BBL and Vaser liposuction remove body fat, they are not weight loss methods.
If you want to maintain your body contouring and toning results for a long time, a regular exercise program along with a healthy diet is essential.
If you do not exercise and your calorie intake exceeds your energy expenditure, you will be at risk of gaining weight. It can occur in the treated areas of the body as well as the BBL in Iran fat. However, the actual shape of the body may not change significantly and will remain in proportion unless the body weight gain is significant.

exercise after Brazilian butt

Are there any exercises that can help improve my BBL in Iran?

Exercise routines that target the glutes are ideal for maintaining and even enhancing your BBL in Iran results. Some of the most popular buttock exercises are squats, lunges, weighted bridges, and donkey kicks.
Sidestep squats with resistance bands, step-ups and deadlifts are also good options for targeting your butt muscles.
If strength and weight training are not for you, there are other exercises such as walking, Pilates, kickboxing and cycling that target the gluteal muscles. These cardio-based butt exercises are also great ways to burn fat that help you maintain your newly acquired curves.

Do I have to avoid certain exercises after BBL surgery?

After a 4-6-week recovery period and with the sanction of your cosmetic surgery team, it is recommended that you return to your workout routine.
Because BBL surgery uses your own fat cells to increase the size and overall shape of your buttocks, it is vulnerable to some changes if you gain or lose weight. Simply put, if you gain weight, your fat cells will grow. If you lose weight, your fat cells will decrease.
High-intensity fat-burning exercise, such as HIIT or Cross Fit, may cause your buttocks to shrink. Since you cannot target areas of the body to reduce fat, there is no guarantee that you will not lose new fat in your buttocks. It is worth noting that if you gain more weight, your fat cells will grow back.

certain exercises after BBL

When can the patients start again activities after a Brazilian butt lift?

As with any surgery, patients need to spend a lot of time resting, recovering, and recovering after a Brazilian butt lift. Although it can be tempting to resume regular exercise when you feel a little more like yourself, exercising too soon after BBL can severely jeopardize your results and prevent the transferred fat from survival. In addition, significant weight loss (or gain) can affect the outcome of BBL. Most patients can resume light, low-impact exercise about 4 to 6 weeks after BBL, while more strenuous physical activity should be limited to 2 to 3 months or until cleared by your surgeon.

To ensure that your BBL in Iran recovery is as safe, fast, convenient and successful as possible, follow these tips:

  1. Have a healthy and balanced diet
  2. Stay hydrated
  3. Avoid applying any pressure to the buttocks
  4. Take prescribed medications
  5. Attend all subsequent appointments
  6. Wear tight garments at the liposuction in iran site
  7. Avoid exercise, but take light, short walks to encourage proper blood circulation
  8. Get enough rest
  9. Do not rush into recovery

Fat transfer during BBL in Iran

Fat transferred from the donor site during BBL continues to behave like fat from its original location. Therefore, it is important to note that exercising and toning the gluteal muscles can change the shape of your buttocks, but does not cause volume loss, unless the donor area also experiences fat loss. Any reduction in volume is due to the shrinking of fat cells, not the death of fat cells.

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In addition, the fat transferred during BBL follows your body’s overall metabolism, so targeted gluteal workout does not cause you to lose BBL results. In fact, targeted workouts for the buttocks can help increase BBL size and shape. However, changes in your BBL results can be due to changes in your metabolic status. For example, if your metabolism is higher than your daily calorie intake, you will experience weight loss from your entire body, including BBL fat.
On the other hand, if your calorie intake is more than your energy expenditure, you will increase the existing fat globules or accumulate fat in your body, which may include BBL fat. Unless the weight loss or gain is significant, this weight difference will probably not change the shape of your buttocks significantly after BBL because the amount of weight gain or loss will be commensurate with the rest of your body.
Prospective patients should be aware that they can resume their normal daily life and physical activity shortly after surgery as long as special precautions are taken to prevent damage to newly transplanted fat cells.
In general, it is not recommended to perform fat burning activities in the early stages of recovery because it can disturb newly transferred cells. However, any weight training exercise that does not target the buttock area is allowed.

Fat transfer during BBL

Below is a general timeline of the recovery process and the types of physical activity allowed after Brazilian Butt Lift

Weeks 1-3

For the first three weeks after BBL surgery, it is important to avoid putting any direct pressure on the injected buttocks for more than a few minutes at a time. If you have to sit, you should use a very soft air pillow or a donut-shaped pillow to minimize pressure on the buttocks. In fact, the best way to sit is to put a pillow under your thigh and lean forward slightly. This way the buttocks are not touched at all! When sleeping, be sure to lie on your side or abdomen to prevent back injury. Light walking is also recommended to help reduce the risk of blood clots.

Weeks 3-6

During the second 3 weeks of recovery (weeks 3 to 6), you can probably return to work. However, you should be mindful of sitting and use a soft cushion if possible. Besides, it is essential to continue sleeping on your stomach or side. Due to exercise, light activities such as walking are allowed.

Week 6 – 6 months

During this period, weight training takes precedence over aerobic activity because the transferred fat cells are still stabilizing in the buttocks. You do not want to lose weight in the first 6 months. As a result, activities such as yoga, Pilates, and weight training are fine, but you should avoid cardio and other fat-burning exercises.

More than 6 months

As you approach the end of the recovery period, more intense physical activity can be resumed. Because the transferred fat cells have stabilized and are growing in their new location, they can resist the high impact of exercises such as running or jogging.
Once you have completely recovered from BBL, the transferred fat cells act like other fat cells in the body. This means that high weight fluctuations can affect buttocks volume. However, the size of your buttocks will fit your body, as any increase or decrease in weight will affect your entire body. In addition, exercises that target the buttocks will help maintain your BBL results.

Brazilian Butt Lift

How long after a Brazilian butt lift I can walk?

The patient is advised to take a small walk as soon as possible after the operation. Then, after a few more days, you should be able to move more easily. Walking helps the healing process and we encourage it after almost every surgery. Remember to move slowly at first and gradually increase your movement. You may also have some pain in the areas when undergone liposuction, which can restrict walking after a Brazilian butt lift. Movement such as walking have been shown to help your body heal, especially by improving blood circulation. It also reduces the risk of developing dangerous blood clots and DVT.

Should I expect to wear compression garments after a Brazilian butt lift?

Yes, in many cases it is recommended that you wear a compression or shaping dress after a Brazilian butt lift. This is an important step in helping to treat the transferred fat in the desired way. In some cases, you will receive a more structured compression garment for the initial stage of recovery, and then you will receive a different garment as the recovery progresses. With fat transplant methods, you do not need the clothes to be too tight. It should be firm but not so tight to smooth out the shape which is created during the procedure. Compression garments also sometimes recommend for areas that have undergone liposuction as part of the Brazilian hip lift procedure. Compression in these areas can reduce swelling, reduce pain, and improve healing.

after a Brazilian butt lift

What can I expect after the Brazilian butt lift in terms of seeing the final results?

Immediately after a Brazilian butt lift, it is important to expect that the size you see is not your ultimate result. There are two main reasons why your ultimate results will be somewhat smaller. First of all, it will swell immediately after your operation. As your swelling decreases, so does your butt size. In the second stage of recovery, it is natural for your body to absorb a certain percentage of the fat that is transferred to your buttocks. This expected fat loss is taken into account, and generally more fat is implanted than what expected the patient need for desired final results. After 3 to 6 months, most patients can see a shape that is close to their final results.

What are the best activities after BBL?

Avoid formidable activity for the first 2 months of recovery to make sure that fat cells are not burned. During this period, light walking is useful, as long as you manage your calorie burn.
After 8 weeks, the transferred fat cells must make a good source of blood. At this time, having a good sweating session pumps fresh, nutrient-rich blood into the body. Avoid activities that may put extra strain, pressure, or even impact on the area. Avoid stationary bikes.

How to eat fat after BBL?

Eating a healthy, nutritious diet is an important part of successful post-BBL recovery for two reasons – first, nutrient-dense foods, including lean protein, and good-fat foods (such as avocados, coconut oil, salmon and nuts), fruits and vegetables provide the body with the nutrients it needs to regenerate and renew cells – which is the basis of the healing process.
Secondly, if you want to enjoy the desired results from this method in the long run, it is important to maintain a stable and healthy weight after BBL. Choosing healthy habits right now will really help keep your BBL results moving forward.

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