Thigh lift surgery in Iran

Thigh lift surgery in Iran

thigh lift surgery in Iran before and after photos + 2021 Cost and any informations that you should know before doing thigh lift in Iran.

Many people, especially women, experience problems such as excess skin and cellulite around the thighs as they age or lose a lot of weight.

It occurs due to a decrease in the elasticity of the skin. Excess skin on the thighs can cause eczema and other skin disorders, making it uncomfortable to wear certain clothes. Decreased self-esteem is another side effect of sagging thigh skin. Thigh lift surgery in Iran is a good option to correct this problem.

thigh lift surgery before and after photos

thigh lift surgery before and afterthigh lift before and afterthigh lift surgery before and afterthigh lift surgery before and afterthigh lift surgery before and afterWhat is a thigh lift surgery in Iran?

The purpose of thigh lift surgery in Iran is to tighten the thigh and shape it. This is done by pulling on the skin, which increases its strength. Thigh lift surgery can be combined with liposuction. Using lipo for thighs makes it thin. The skin is then stretched to adapt to the new shape of the thigh.

Thanks to thigh lift surgery in Iran, the appearance of your thighs will be more attractive and its shape and size look better. The inner part of the thigh becomes more compact and you get rid of excess skin. This way you can wear your favorite pants and skirts.

butt lift surgery may also be right for you.
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Who is a thigh lift surgery in Iran suitable for?

Who is a thigh lift surgery in Iran suitable forThose who are looking to resize, reshape and remove the sagging skin of the thighs, can use this cosmetic plastic surgery. Surgery can fix the following problems:

  • Abnormal size of the thigh or its apparent sag.
  • Incompatibility of the thigh with the buttocks and sides.
  • Adverse changes due to pregnancy or obesity such as sagging muscles and skin and deep skin cracks in this area.
  • Presence of cellulite in the buttocks and thighs.
  • Creating extra skin after losing a lot of weight.

Thigh lift surgery in Iran is suitable for those who:

  • have not weight fluctuation.
  • have extra tissue and skin on the inside of the thigh.
  • have good general health.
  • are not a smoker.
  • have reasonable expectations of the outcome of thigh lift surgery.
  • commit to a healthy diet.
  • exercise regularly.

You may also be a good candidate for lipomatics.
In this regard, you can refer to Lipomatics in Iran.

What should I do before a thigh lift surgery in Iran?

Before thigh lift surgery in Iran, you will meet with your surgeon and in this session, all your questions and concerns will be answered. Your medical records will be reviewed and you will be examined. This examination includes examining the size and appearance of the buttocks and thighs, the condition of the skin, the presence of skin lesions, the condition of the thigh muscles, and the blood vessels of the legs. In some people, in addition to thigh lift surgery, butt lift surgery and treatment of leg varicose veins are needed to improve the results.

Talk to your doctor if you plan to lose a lot of weight or get pregnant in the near future. It may be best to postpone surgery until after weight loss and pregnancy so that the results of the surgery do not change. In pre-op consultation, your doctor will talk to you about lifestyle changes to prevent the results from changing.

To improve the results and prevent possible complications of the surgery, it is necessary to perform the following before thigh lift surgery in Iran:

  • Quit smoking for at least two weeks before surgery and up to four weeks after it.
  • Discontinue vitamin E, ibuprofen painkillers, aspirin, estrogen, and herbal medicines.
  • Take all your antibiotics if prescribed by a doctor.

How is thigh lift surgery performed?

How is thigh lift surgery performedThigh lift surgery in Iran is performed under general anesthesia. This surgery takes several hours. The pattern and shape of the incisions depend on the area to be treated and the amount of correction required.

One of the common methods of thigh lift surgery in Iran is to make incisions in the groin area and extend them down and twist them to the back of the thigh. In this procedure, experienced surgeons make a T-shaped incision on the inside of the thigh to the groin. The underlying tissue is stretched and shaped, the excess skin is removed and stretched again.

Eventually, the patient’s thighs look smoother and more shapely from the inside to the knees. This method leaves a long, vertical scar that can be seen from the inside of the thigh to the knee. Although the scar largely disappears after a while, many patients accept it because it gives a more attractive thigh.

If the amount of extra skin is low, you may be a good candidate for a small incision-lift of the inner thigh, in which only one incision is made in the groin area. This method improves the appearance of the thigh and removes sagging skin in only one-third of the inner thigh. So if you are looking for greater results, this method is not for you. Compared to the above method, the scar is shorter and is hidden where the underwear is worn.

This surgery can be done with liposuction for better results. Liposuction works well for areas such as the thighs and buttocks, as more fat is accumulated there. After the fat is drained, there is usually a lot of excess skin left, which is removed with the help of thigh lift surgery. If your skin is elastic enough and can take on a new body shape, liposuction alone is enough to shape the thighs by removing extra fat. The combination of liposuction and surgery is recommended only in cases where the amount of excess fat and skin in the patient’s body is high.

After surgery, deep sutures are used to close the subcutaneous tissue and help shape the thighs and buttocks. Finally, the skin incisions are closed with sutures and the wound is bandaged.

What should I do after thigh lift surgery in Iran?

After the surgery, you can usually leave the same day and go home. Then it is necessary to return after a week for examination. In this session, the wound is checked and the stitches are removed two weeks after surgery.

You may experience pain the day after surgery. The pain is somewhat annoying but can be controlled with the help of painkillers. Take prescribed medications as your surgeon recommends.

Bathing is prohibited for up to 48 hours after thigh lift surgery. Take a shower before surgery.

After thigh lift surgery in Iran, you should avoid lifting heavy objects and doing work that puts pressure on the lower torso for six weeks. After surgery, you can start walking slowly and carefully for up to two weeks.

Swelling and bruising are normal after thigh lift surgery and take several weeks to heal.

After about two weeks, you can resume your normal activities and return to your workplace or university.

3 to 4 weeks after surgery, you should wear a special garment to support the operated tissues well and help your skin adapt to the new shape of the thigh. This is especially important when performing lipo for thighs.

Light exercise is usually recommended as it speeds up your recovery and reduces the risk of blood clots. However, you should not do strenuous exercise. Do the exercises recommended by your surgeon to strengthen the thigh muscles.

All surgeries carry the risk of infection, but this is very rare for thigh lift surgery in Iran.


Iran is the best country to benefit from plastic surgery services and in addition to incomparable prices, experienced doctors and hospitals will be at your service to provide you with the best experience of plastic surgery.

When are the results of a thigh lift surgery visible and how long does it last?

The general results of the surgery are visible immediately after the end of the operation, but you should wait for the swelling and bruising to decrease to see the exact results. After surgery, you will have narrower thighs that fit your waist better. The bad news is that old pants and skirts are no longer your sizes and you should probably fill your wardrobe with new lower sizes clothes.

If your weight does not fluctuate after surgery, exercise regularly, and follow a healthier diet, the results of thigh lift surgery in Iran will last for a long time. With age, it is quite normal for the skin of the thighs to lose some of its firmness again. But most of the changes made in this surgery are completely permanent and will never go away.

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