revision Rhinoplasty
revision rhinoplasty in iran

You have undergone a Rhinoplasty previously? The shape and nasal function is a pain in your neck? It is not end of the world, revision Rhinoplasty in Iran is super cost-effective idea you can put into account.

Revision Rhinoplasty or so-called secondary nose job requires a board –certified plastic surgeon or ENT doctor, super professional and skilled that’s why in Iran health agency, we selectively cooperate with specialist with more than a decade experience and having more than 2000 successful nose job surgeries in Iran.

Revision Rhinoplasty in Iran? sounds interesting!

revision Rhinoplasty
revision Rhinoplasty

Iran has got famous as a capital nose of the world by a wide range of plastic surgeons, hard-beaten ones who have been countering many difficult and complicated cases resulted in enhancing facial aesthetic.

Therefore, Iran has the initial major factor that any destination needs to capture health tourist’s attention.

Latest techniques and updated knowledge entry is the second magnificent element. Iranian surgeons keeping up with the modernized information and tools, ensure the result of revision Rhinoplasty in Iran.

Price and financial aspects: same as the other plastic surgery procedures in Iran, revision nose job is also carried out at the extremely affordable price.

 Revision Rhinoplasty cost makes me disappointed, how much is it in Iran?

Normally revision Rhinoplasty procedure take 2-5 hours, since the longer time and complexity of the procedure defines the final cost.

In fact, revision Rhinoplasty is 50-100 percent more expensive than primary nose job.

Case severity, surgeon’s reputation and a place you get your nose job done in.

Primary nose job in Iran ranks from 1170$to 3200$.obviously revision Rhinoplasty in Iran will cost more. all above, statistically, Iran is the cheapest Rhinoplasty platform as a result of lower value of RIAL against dollar.

Let me mention that in some cases, due to weakened nasal structure and requirement of bone or Cartilage grafting, revision Rhinoplasty costs a fortune.

Cost of rhinoplasty in Iran

best reviseion rhinoplasty
best revision rhinoplasty

cost of rhinoplasty in different countries:

cost of Rhinoplasty in Ireland ranges between $6,400 to $8,800.

The minimum cost of nose surgery in Dubai is $5450.

The average price of a Rhinoplasty in Brazil is $4,700.

cost of nose job in Spain is around $4,600.

Rhinoplasty costs you between $2,000 to $4,500 in Thailand.

a nose job in South Africa is between $3,425 to $4,100 (50,000 to 60,000 Rand) excluding hospital and anesthesia fee.

Rhinoplasty will cost between $5,700 to $10,000 in must add around $1,000 for general anesthesia and $1,500 for hospital fee

The cost of getting rhinoplasty in South Korea will be around $5000

The cost of Rhinoplasty differs from $6000 to $9,000 In the UK

How Iran HEALTH AGENCY guarantees the Rhinoplasty in Iran?

This is really disappointing that after spending thousands dollars, getting through a lot of fears and concern and putting up with the overwhelming recovery duration, on a day of splint removal, with a lot of enthusiasm look at the mirror and feel thunderstruck.

But you shouldn’t feel upset, IRAN HEALTH AGENCY surrounding by abundance of skilled and expertise surgeons who have performed plenty of revision Rhinoplasty resulting in jaw-dropping positive outcome, is always beside you. The company’s mission and vision is providing the most qualified services at the most affordable cost.

Combination of proficiency and experience make us dare to guarantee any operation done by our team.

1 percent, if any complication or problem happen by our team in your Rhinoplasty surgery, you will undergo a free revision Rhinoplasty in Iran and any cost, from for your flight ticket till accommodation, surgery, visa and transfer will be up to the company.

nose job package

What is revision RHINOPLASTY? IS it for me?

Actually complicated anatomy of nose and extraordinary deformity of shape rise the risk of Rhinoplasty.

Indeed, revision Rhinoplasty refers to the nasal reconstruction, which is performed in order to correct the nasal defects and structure that were disrupted due to tissue damage in primary surgery

In general, secondary nose job is performed when the patient is not satisfied with the outcome of previous operation.

Sometimes the absence of satisfaction is not limited to lack of appearance aesthetic and goes further.

Often Respiratory problems or structural abnormalities lead to a revision Rhinoplasty.

  I have heard that surgeons barley accept revision Rhinoplasty? is that true?

Among all plastic operation, revision Rhinoplasty is a difficult one for a couple of reasons.

  • Revision nose job may come from a brain in the grip of an obsession. Being too perfectionist might blind your eyes to see the reality.

Unhappy patient with the previous surgery might not perceive that even secondary Rhinoplasty might not meet the expectation of getting an extreme correction of abnormalities. The ones that couldn’t be shaped even in the primary procedure.

  • scar tissue left from prior surgery is another obstacle, which limits the success of outcome

surgeons are always worried about recurring them even after a successful revision Rhinoplasty.

  • Sometime cartilage and bone grafting makes the difficulty of revision Rhinoplasty doubled.

I need detailed information about Revision Rhinoplasty procedure in Iran?

Rhinoplasty is typically performed under general anesthesia or
Local anesthesia. Secondary nose surgery is longer than primary Rhinoplasty in Iran and commonly takes 4 hours or more

During the revision Rhinoplasty procedure in Iran, the surgeon employing the most advanced techniques does his best to  re-design the shape of nose. therefore in a standard way, the appearance of nasal is normalized and also the breathing function gets improved.

In order to creating a new nose in harmony with other facial components, the surgeon reshapes the nasal cartilage and bone. actually reconstructs the nose structure.

What are the common types of revision Rhinoplasty in Iran?

revision rhinoplasty before after in iranhealthagency
revision rhinoplasty before after in iranhealthagency

In fact, the Main purpose of revision Rhinoplasty is to restore the function and structure of the nose. In some cases, the surgeon will try to reconcile the nose with the cartilage graft and in some other cases cartilage resection works better; if necessary, required external cartilage is separated from the septum, the middle ear, or one of the ribs.

Generally, the procedure will go softer if in previous surgery, cartilage wasn’t removed adequately. therefore, deformity can be more easily remedied because the surgeon can easily remove the extra cartilage.

However, it is more often necessary to add cartilage in order to open the airway or reshape and adjust the nose.

Revision Rhinoplasty in Iran carried out using two common techniques (open Rhinoplasty and close Rhinoplasty.


Closed Rhinoplasty is less invasive than open Rhinoplasty and less damaging to the nose tissue, since the surgeon only opens the areas that need correction, while a larger incision is made in the open procedure and the nasal structures are separated and reconnected.

On the one hand, If the scar has been remained from the previous procedure, the open procedure is safer

On the other hand, surgeons prefer open surgery more because the nasal structure is more visible and accessible and complex cases can be better seen and evaluated.

Who is an appropriate candidate for revision Rhinoplasty in Iran?

There are some common and serious problem which make a revision Rhinoplasty necessary.

  • Breathing difficulty or Nasal airway obstruction
  • Cartilage or nasal bone droop
  • Artificial appearance of the nose
  • External and internal deformity of nostril
  • Nose and other facial component not in harmony
  • Inappropriate bridge height or existence of
  • Too much shrinking or enlarging the tip
  • Too narrow tip
  • Creating thick scar tissue internally or externally

How long should I wait for secondary nose job in Iran?

secondary nose surgery
secondary nose surgery

The procedure of post-operative healing may last up to 1 year after first surgery therefor the best time for secondary nose job, is after 1 year. On the one hand the final form of the nose is determined after one year one the other hand after disappearing the nasal swelling which at least takes one year, many other nasal defects disappear.

Therefore, revision nose surgery should not be rushed. Early action for reconstructive surgery may disrupt the nasal repair process and ends up irreversible complications.

3 essential actions before revision Rhinoplasty in Iran.

1-make sure of complete swelling removal.

Wait at least for one year.

in some case regarding to the nasal function causing breathing difficulty, your surgeon may decide to do some surgery to resolving the problem.

2.collect enough information and select your operation more cautiously

Sometimes problems caused primary rhinoplasty are minor and can be easily remedied.

But when disruption of the nose after the first surgery, is major,

more expertise and skill is required in comparison to primary surgery.

Because the natural anatomy and structure of the nose has been changed. Simple tissues that existed before primary surgery are now filled with scar tissue, inculcation, re-positioning the   remained cartilage and bone is more complicated and difficult.

However, with the proper use of advanced surgical techniques as well as the expertise and skill of the surgeon, revision Rhinoplasty   can also be successful.

3-collect necessary information of your previous surgery

If a nose surgery is assigned to another nose surgeon, it is advisable to provide the new surgeon with all the details of the first surgery and also the before and after pictures of the primary nose job will be very helpful.

As a result, the surgeon will be able to make better decisions about the nose and necessary actions. Occasionally anesthesia may be required for revision nose surgery, which may require pre-anesthesia lab -tests.

Post-operative instruction after having revision Rhinoplasty

  • Post-operative care revision nose job is similar to primary surgery. Nasal tampon reduces swelling and bleeding after surgery, but the patient cannot breathe through the nose until the tampon is removed.
  • The surgeon prescribes some antibiotic and pain killer to reduce the risk of potential infections and pain. One time and regular usage of medicine will fasten the recovery process.
  • The patient may experience nausea after surgery, in which case the patient must warn the surgeon and anesthesiologist in advance to prescribe anti-inflammatory medicine.
  • The nose may bleed for several first days which is a normal side effect.
  • Placing a cold compress on the forehead reduces swelling.
  • It is also advisable for the patient to lift his head in the first week after revision Rhinoplasty and becareful for 6 -8 weeks to avoid any trauma or injury to the nose.
  • Nose blowing is also prohibited for two to three weeks after any type of nose surgery.

However, nostrils should be cleared as soon as the tampon is removed, thereby reducing nasal congestion and   need of nose blowing.


  • The patient must go to the clinic three to seven days after revision Rhinoplasty in Iran for splint removal. don’t forget The nose is still swollen at this time, but most of the swelling subsides after two weeks.
  • Finally, the splint replaces with bandage. Bandage must be regular changed every two days. The correct way of bandage positioning will be clearly taught at the last session.

How long after revision Rhinoplasty swelling disappears?

nose job in iran heallth agency
nose job in Iran health agency

After revision Rhinoplasty is completely done and the primary swelling subsides, the recovery begins.

The duration of this stage varies greatly depending on the nasal cosmetic surgery and if structural graft is performed or not. This phase lasts from six months to one year.

During the deformation phase, excess collagen (or scar tissue) begins to decompose, and a swollen red wound turns into a white, skin-level scar.

Most patients experience more swelling in the first immediate week.

Generally, by the end of the second or third week, a large amount of swelling and bruising will occur in a way that no one except the patient will notice the presence of swelling.

However, it should be noted that the nose of the patient will look slightly inflated and swollen up from 2 to 6 months after the secondary nose job in IRAN. Complete ablation of the nose after revision rhinoplasty  usually takes one year and then the final result is visible.

What are the risks and complication after Revision Rhinoplasty?

Revision nasal surgery, like the primary nose surgery, may have some side effects, including loss of smell sense, prolonged swelling, capillary rupture, significant scarring and even skin loss, anesthesia and Other beauty or functional problems noted. The surgeon must inform the patient of all these complications before deciding to have surgery.

But let me mention as long as a revision Rhinoplasty is carried out by a processional and skilled enough surgeon, all the side effects will be overshadowing and under control. Actually proficiency can minimize the risks.

iranian nose job before and after photos

Is revision Rhinoplasty covered by insurance?

Generally, any health insurance company doesn’t cover the cosmetic surgeries.but Iran health agency thanks to working with the experienced surgeons in some cases more than 25 years, guarantees all Rhinoplsty done by the company and 1 percent if any problem happens, will provide the patient with a free revision Rhinoplasty in Iran.

Why is revision Rhinoplasty more expensive than primary Rhinoplasty?

This procedure is more complicated than the first nose surgery or previous procedures, which makes it more difficult to perform.

The operated nose repair is difficult because the nasal structure has been surgically repaired at least once and this makes it difficult to perform surgery on the nose.

Secondary nose surgery is not a procedure performed by all nose surgeons because it requires a great deal of skill.

Does revision Rhinoplasty take longer to recover?

In addition to the complication of revision Rhinoplasty, it takes longer time to be totally healed when comparing to the primary one.

What are the available methods for revision Rhinoplasty in Iran?

It depends on deformity of nose both open and closed nose job are performed in Iran.

Is revision Rhinoplasty painful?

Revision Rhinoplasty is not a difficult surgery; patients are anesthetized during the procedure and do not feel at all.

And also after surgery, if they feel pain, painkiller easily make the pain disappeared.


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