Breast lift surgery is one of the most important operations of plastic surgery services in Iran.

In the case of having problem regarding size and shape of your breasts you can have breast surgery in Iran. Many people are interested in having breast lift in Iran. The following article will answer your common questions regarding breast lift in Iran, and breast surgery cost in Iran. During this article you will get information about the breast prosthesis in Iran as well as breast job procedure in Iran.

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  1. What is the breast lift in Iran?

Breast surgery in iran

Breast surgery in iran

Mastopexy or breast lift surgery is a surgical mammoplasty procedure which lifts and forms the sagging breasts. Breast lift in Iran and other countries is usually done by women who have removed their breast implants, have lost weight or were pregnant. In some cases, the patient should mention that she is willing to have breastfeeding after surgery or not?

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  1. What is the breast prosthesis in Iran?

Yet some patients are willing to have breast prosthesis in Iran. Breast prosthesis surgery is appropriate for women who want to change the physical appearance of their breast prosthesis or want to increase their size. During breast prosthesis in Iran, patient can change the size of the prosthesis. Also, breast prosthesis in Iran is done when the prosthesis is damaged. If patient is not satisfied with the size of her prosthesis the doctor can increase or decrease her prosthesis size. Of course, before having breast prosthesis in Iran, you should discuss the matter with an expert.

  1. Duration of breast surgery in Iran

After having breast surgery in Iran patient will need least 6 weeks to recover. In most cases six to eight weeks is needed for recovery procedure therefore even after having breast lift in Iran and leaving Iran she can keep in contact with the doctor who has done the surgery.

  1. Breast surgery in Iran and Related Paraclinics

Breast implant in Iran

Breast implant in Iran

Before breast surgery in Iran, the patient should present her the medical history after that the patient is physically measured regarding her breast. Some tests such as mammography will be needed.

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  1. Preoperative Care Regarding Breast surgery in Iran

Before having breast surgery in Iran, at least three weeks before surgery the patient should stop taking drugs, such as blood thinners ones. If you have made a definitive decision to have a breast prosthesis and are taking a particular medication, be sure to tell your doctor before performing the breast prosthesis so that it does not interfere with the surgical procedure and afterwards. Sometimes the patient may have to discontinue some medication or change their prescription. In addition to taking aspirin, aspirin products, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements should be stopped 7 days before breast implantation. It is imperative to perform certain tests as well as a mammography on your doctor’s instructions before performing any boobs Job in Iran. If you are a smoker, quit smoking two weeks before surgery.

breast lift in Iran

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Figure (1) breast lift in Iran 

  1. Breast Lift in Iran and Breast Job Procedure in Iran

Breast lift in Iran is performed in numerous ways. In the standard breast lift, an incision is created from the below part of the breast to the nipple. A visible scar may be left after this surgery.

In another method for breast lift in Iran at the tip of the nipple an incision is created and part of the skin is removed; then the rest of the skin returns to its place so that the patient’s breast will be in better shape. Minimum scar is left after this surgery.

Yet in another well- known method is breast prosthesis in Iran. During this procedure according to the choice of patient (whether she asking for small or bigger breast) prostheses will be used. Some patients prefer to have brine filled prostheses or silicone prostheses, it should be noted that having satisfactory results only depends on the skill of your surgeon. All the above mentioned surgeries are performed under full anesthetic and last 2 to 3 hours.

  1. Postoperative Care Regarding Breast Job Procedure in Iran

Breast lift iran

Breast lift iran

After having your breast job procedure in Iran patient needs to follow the recommendations made by the doctor:

  • You should use the prescribed medicines and avoid stretching, bending and lifting the objects.
  • For one to two weeks after surgery patient should also avoid sexual activity.
  • You should not sleep on the abdomen while sleeping. Lying on the back causes the prosthesis to be in the best position during the recovery. Do not sleep on your belly at all. You can sleep on your side two weeks after surgery.
  • Your doctor will prescribe antibiotics and painkillers to prevent infection. To prevent possible infection, be sure to take antibiotics on a regular basis and use painkillers if you feel pain.
  • In the case of breast prosthesis, the incisions are closed with a suture or surgical glue. The sutures will absorb by body after 10 to 14 days. If the sutures are not absorbed, the doctor will take them one week after surgery.
  • Don’t work too much in the first week after your breast implant. Activities such as combing hair or removing light objects are forbidden. Keep in mind that lack of activity can make your body dry and stiff.
  • Your surgeon will usually prescribe you a ‘medical bra’ after surgery. The medical bra will give good shape to your breasts after surgery. Therefore you should wear this medical bra even when you are sleeping for 6 to 12 weeks.
  • After breast prosthesis, your breasts may become stiff or bruise may occur on your skin, which is a normal part of the healing process.
breast lift in Iran

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Figure (2) before and after breast prosthesis in Iran

  1. Common Questions about Breast Lift and boobs Job in Iran

There are some common questions about breast lift and boobs Job in Iran, following we are going to answer them.

How much is the Breast surgery cost in Iran? (2021 update)

The most important question regarding the boobs Job in Iran is the price. Well. The price may vary based on the country you are coming from for instance following are the breasts surgery cost in Iran based on the county you are coming from:

  • For Turkey prices start from 1478 dollars for boobs Job in Iran but for the breast surgery in Iran especially breast prosthesis in Iran the prices are between 2855-4418 dollars. For any other type of breast lift in Iran prices start from 2234 dollars.
  • For India prices start from 1500 dollars for boobs Job in Iran also for the breast surgery in Iran especially breast prosthesis in Iran the prices are between 2855-4418 dollars. For any other type of breast lift in Iran prices start from 2375 dollars.
  • For Americans prices start from 10500 dollars for boobs Job in Iran also for the breast surgery in Iran especially breast prosthesis in Iran the prices start from 2566 dollars. For any other type of breast lift in Iran prices start from 7709 dollars.
  • For Mexicans prices start from 3700 dollars for boobs Job in Iran also for the breast surgery in Iran especially breast prosthesis in Iran the prices start from 2000 dollars. For any other type of breast lift in Iran prices start from 1693 dollars.
  • For the ones who are coming from countries like Germany prices are between 7800-11200 dollars for boobs Job in Iran also for the breast surgery in Iran especially breast prosthesis in Iran the prices are between 1500-2200 dollars for breast lift. For any other type of breast lift in Iran prices start from 4692 dollars.

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Is there any difference regarding the breast surgery cost in Iran or Tehran?

Boobs job in Iran tehran

Boobs job in Iran tehran

Well, based on the city you want to have breast prosthesis, breast lift there will be a slight difference regarding breast surgery cost in Iran or Tehran. Since Tehran is the capital city of Iran and the prices in this city are higher than other cities such as Tabriz, Isfahan, Shiraz and Ahvaz, therefore it’s better to refer to the city which is nearer to you for boobs Job in Iran. For instance if you are coming from Iraq or Turkey cities like Ahvaz and Tabriz are great choices for you.

Figure (3) before and after breast prosthesis in Iran


Which type of patients are best candidates for boobs Job in Iran?

  • People who have lost all or part of their breasts due to severe illnesses such as cancer can have breast prosthesis in Iran.
  • Those with congenital asymmetrically shaped breasts can also apply for boobs Job in Iran.
  • Women who have only one breast due to congenital defects can have breast prosthesis in Iran.
  • Women who have small breasts because of hormonal or genetic or overweight and malnutrition reasons also can benefit breast prosthesis in Iran.
  • Women who have lost weight due to aging, pregnancy, and lactation can also have breast lift in Iran.

How long does a breast lift last?

On the advantages of breast lift is long durability. Breast lift results may not be permanent. With ageing, skin elasticity naturally decreases and may fall. Especially if you have large breasts. Having a healthy dirt and stable weight can help maintain results.

What can a beast lift fix?

Breast lift surgery can treat many things a woman may have problems with. Things like breast tissue loosening, chest slump, size, shape and asymmetry

Is breast lift safe?

If we turn a blind eye to potential and bare risks, it can be totally safe provided that breast lift is performed by an experienced specialist.

Does a breast lift make them smaller?

Breast lift is a surgery not affecting the size, neither making larger nor smaller.

Mammoplasty is a surgery reducing the size of breasts. breast lift and Mammoplasty both together are common surgeries in order to lift, tighten as well as to reshape the remaining breast tissue.

Can I feel my nipples after breast lift?

All breast lift procedures are designed to preserve tissues that normally have nerve-ending nipples. However, there are many different anatomic of how the nerve is located in the nipple. Nerves that do not follow the “normal” period in your breasts may experience permanent numbness. Most people experience at least one temporary change in nipple sensation due to stretching and dislocation and repositioning of the nerves. Most women regain their full sensation within three to six months after cosmetic surgery. A small percentage of women never regain the natural feeling.

Do breast lifts leave scars?

Wounds and scars are unavoidable after breast lift surgery, but doctors will do their best to ensure your appearance is improved. The doctor also makes surgical incisions where the suture strap is placed beneath your underwear. What you get after breast lift outweighs these kind of disadvantages.

How long after breast lift can I wear a bra?

Normally surgeons recommend no to wear bras immediately after breast lift surgery and to wait for up to six weeks afterwards.

Can I transfer fat to my breasts?

The answer is yes but best candidates are the ones who don’t expect a big change or very large size.

Do you need implants with breast lift?

Breast prosthesis implantation is possible on the same day, provided that the size is not too large. The physician prefers to perform the lift first and then place the prosthesis from a separate location such as the armpit. In this way, he can see exactly how much the prosthesis can safely fit into the chest without putting too much pressure on the repaired part. Also, if a person has asymmetric breasts, by placing a prosthesis after breast augmentation, breast volume can be better controlled to achieve better symmetry. If women want breast lifts and very large breasts, they are usually advised to perform the breast lift first and add the prosthesis almost two months later.

is breast feeding possible after breast lift?

Mastopexy involves the removal of excess skin from the breast and does not cut through the milk ducts, thus maintaining breast function. Some women experience chest tightness after breast lifting, which can make them slightly uncomfortable while breastfeeding. Also, pregnancy can ruin the results of breast lift surgery. Therefore, except in cases of unacceptable falls or asymmetries, the physician usually recommends performing a breast lift when the person is reasonably certain that she is terminating her pregnancy and childbirth.