Stretch marks left over from pregnancy or significant weight loss, abnormal abdomen bulging, excess fat and skin and absence of elasticity is effecting your self-confidence. don’t doubt about tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty in Iran. Offering cost-effective services by the board-citified doctors at internationally standard hospital have been cited as the cause of Iran, The best platform for Abdominoplasty.

tummy tuck surgery in Iran

tummy tuck surgery in Iran

Anxiety is a common and normal part of pre –surgery feeling and having it in another country bolds it.

concerns such as whether the surgery will end up desired result or can I afford to pay. About the potential risk and sides effect   are Comprehensible. so stay tuned to get rid of your worries about Abdominoplasty in Iran.

What distinguishes Iran from other countries?

Iran as a well-known destination for plastic surgeries having the most number of plastic surgery performance has been attracting tourist and foreigners even celebrities and film stars as a reliable platform for medical and health care services. some of outstanding reasons for having Abdominoplasty in Iran are:

1.the first reason is the existence of top plastic surgeons in Iran; Iranian enthusiasm and interest toward plastic and cosmetic surgery has encouraged plastic surgeons and specialist to keep up with the latest developed approaches and methods to get full satisfaction of customers, access to plenty of skilled and certified specialist can me the most ensuring criterion for proving Iran eligibility.

2.over two decades, Iran’s impressive improvement in medical science and healthcare infrastructure has captured the whole world attentions. So it has led to many tourists travel to in Iran for medical and Therapeutic   purposes. Based on statistic published by Iran ‘health ministry more than 5.000 non-local patient benefited from health care services either plastic surgeries such as nose job, Otoplasty, weight loss surgeries and Abdominoplasty in Iran or other medical treatment.

3.Toward government’s policy and perspective on medical tourism field, abundance of hospital and clinics put great value on technological advance and latest equipment. that’s why recently Iran is a good destination for medical tourism besides being a tourist tummy tuck in IRAN? WHY NOT?

4.the last but not the least appealing reason is the cost deference of medical and cosmetic treatment such is Abdominoplasty in Iran with the other countries. The lower value of Iran currency against dollar has let to finalize the plastic surgeries at super affordable price.

abdominoplasty in Shiraz

Abdominoplasty services are also performed in Shiraz, and since Shiraz is one of the most professional cities in Iran in terms of medicine and tourism, you might like to see Iran Health Agency Services in this city as well.

This question may pop up into your mind that how will communication process with my doctor go on?

Majority of plastic surgeon in Iran speak the good level of English so consultation and clarification of different aspects of your tummy tuck in Iran will get carried out at very comfortable conditions. But another time saving and reliable suggestion for medical traveler is going through a medical tourist facilitator in Iran.

What will a medical tourism facilitator in Iran bring you?

iran Abdominoplasty

iran Abdominoplasty

Obviously the medical agencies are for providing you with comfortable condition by arranging the necessities in advance.

Iran health agency founded by group of doctors and travel agents employing the skilled and knowledgeable staff has announced its readiness to accompany you during your medical journey.

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is not a plain and hassle-free decision if you do it on your own.

According to our mission and vision every single of company member does his best to gain your trust and satisfaction. the abdominoplasty procedure in Iran by IRAN HEALTH AGENCY will pass the steps below:

1. the initial action is a free online consultation via either of communication channel such as what’s app or online form to see if you are candidate for tummy tuck in Iran or not, you may be requested to send the photo of your tummy. after verification of your general health condition such as blood pressure or glucose level and current medicine, you will get a cleared final quotation with no hidden expense.

After your final confirmation, your journey arrangement gets assigned to a private executer.

2. the second step is booking your flight according to your schedule and getting authorization code of Iran visa. This action will be done on basis of your will, you can do them yourself.

3. the following steps are regarding to accommodation booking and arranging a private vehicle to facilitate your commuting throughout your trip from airport pick-up, hotel and hospital transfer.

Other services are welcoming meal, sim card and private interpreter supporting your language and mother tongue to help you with easy and clear communication and consultation when visiting your doctor and surgeon.

4. when it comes to consultation session you will be kindly and friendly informed about Abdominoplasty in Iran.

Every single detail and slightest problems will be discussed. we are working with surgeons who are good listener to their patients. Preserving your health, your desire and expectation is the main priority.  But listening to surgeons advise makes always sense.

5. after your tummy tuck in Iran getting done, our mission gets stated,

Follow-up services, taking care of your post-surgery instructions ,7/24 on-call services are just a part of our services.

6. the last step is getting official permission of your departure from your plastic surgeon in Iran, providing airport CIP services to protect you from potential hazard.

7. post-surgery services will go on by online channel till your complete recovery even after getting back to your country.

the other service in Iran

the Rhinoplasty in iran is another service we can provide you with the best conditions in iran health agency

Let’s discuss the Abdominoplasty procedure in Iran clearly

Abdominoplasty iran

Abdominoplasty iran

Tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty (what doctors call) is a functional and long-term procedure when you are suffering from abdomen deformity, stretch let over from pregnancy and weight fluctuation fat excess and weak muscles.

Tummy tuck in Iran or any other countries required 2-4 hours relying on size and level of fat and skin loos.

Creation of incision to abdomen is hip to hip around the bikini area and also tummy bottom to make it free of skin

Following step is separating muscle from skin, tighten them by pulling together in order to creating more narrowed waist. After stretching the flap of skin on recently tightened muscle, extra part of skin will be removed.

for having more natural appearance, a new naval will be placed in the normal position. The last step is closing incision and applying sterile bandage over the area.

For draining the excess fluid, some narrow tube will temporarily be inserted under the skin and removed after the first few days.

Let me add that Abdominoplasty in Iran is carried out under a general anesthesia.

And hospitalization time is around 24-48 hours.

What is a difference between Abdominoplasty and miniabdominoplasty in Iran?

Actually Mini tummy tuck is more simple and invasive that a classic abdominoplasty.

This procedure is recommended to Patients usually younger and range from 25 to 50 years.

In these individuals, the accumulation of fat is low or moderate and soft tissue loosening and skin cracks (striae)are limited to the lower abdomen (lower navel).

In this procedure, to improve the shape of the abdomen, combination of liposuction and muscle stitching at the same time will have a better result. In mini tummy tuck, usually navel is preserved and not moved (incision is not made around the belly bottom).

Therefore, recovery duration after mini abdominoplasty is shorter than full tummy tuck in Iran.

What is Lipo abdominoplasty in Iran?

Lipoabdominoplasty in iran

Lipoabdominoplasty in iran

Lipoabdominoplasty in Iran is a procedure employing combination of two methods, Liposuction and Abdominoplasty Simultaneously.

In this technique, total abdominal liposuction is performed and loosen the skin then Abdominoplasty will be done.

Some advantages of lipoabdominoplasty in Iran.

  1. Less bleeding
  2. in terms of liposuction, abdominal shape is more natural
  3. functional and significant nerves, lymphatic and abdominal nerve arteries are maintained.
  4. The sensation of the upper abdomen and lower abdomen is not largely modified so result in less postoperative pain.
  5. risks and complications (hematoma, seroma, necrosis and wound opening) are less in this procedure.
  6. rapid post-operative recovery and patient get discharged sooner.
  7. incision size is shorter in this method
  8. The security of this method (compared to the classic method) is higher for smoker individuals.

Pre-operative instructions:

Stop smoking 4 to 6 weeks before surgery (smoking can delay wound healing and cause skin necrosis)

Take Multivitamin Daily

Discontinue taking aspirin or other blood thinning medicines

Avoid all herbal and dietary supplements

Taking routine preoperative tests such as CBC, blood glaucous, urea, creatinine, coagulation tests and other test prescribed by your surgeons

Medications such as vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids and green tea should be quit as they may increase the risk of bleeding during and after surgery.

dos and don’ts after having tummy tuck surgery in Iran?

1.bent posture during walking and taking rest for one to two weeks after tummy tuck surgery in Iran

2. Wearing a special compression garment during the days except shower time

3.stop smoking

4.The most important point is regular walking and moving the legs during rest.

5.Drink plenty of liquid throughout the day

6.Multivitamin daily

7.special attention to the drains location

Avoid taking shower till the drains on the  both sides are removed

Drains take 5 to 7 days to get separated and 24 till 72 hours to get blocked after that bathing is permitted.

Bandage and dressing should be replaced daily. Rinse with iodine first and then with saline (or normal saline) and then apply Vaseline sterile gas.

If necessary, replace the drains area (in case of dressing get wet) 3 to 4 times daily.

Do not place non-sterile bandage directly on the wound.

the other services again!

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How long is Abdominoplasty recovery in Iran ?

before abdominoplasty

before abdominoplasty

Usually patients are able to start their activities after 15 days. If the abdominal muscles are sewn, patients should avoid heavy lifting or intensive activities for 2 to 3 months.

If the muscles are not sewn, patients can resume most of the activities after 3 weeks.

The sutures of tummy tuck surgery in Iran incision are absorbable only the knots on both sides will be removed after 10 to 14 days

Belly bottom sutures are unabsorbed and must be taken away after 10 to 14 days.

For sooner incision heal and decreasing in visibility of scars applying some anti-scar cream and gel is necessary.

What are the risks and side effects of abdominoplasty in Iran?

Aware and educated beauty seekers that’s why pre study and information collecting before surgery makes more sense and also prediction of potential complication will ensure your appropriate reaction countering any problem and difficulty.

Therefor swelling slight pain discomfort and bruise are common and normal side effect after any plastic surgery.

Another risk can be a reaction to anesthesia but Two critical complications are, seroma (fluid accumulation under the skin), and hematoma (blood accumulation) although these problems rarely occur in only in 3 percent of patients.

According statistics, number of satisfied patients illustrates that positive point of abdominoplasy in Iran defeats the negative ones. Your dreamy style and will come true provided that choose your   plastic surgeon with open eyes.

These are some frequent questions that might be yours too.

after abdominoplasty

after abdominoplasty

  1. How long after surgery can the patient travel by airplane?

Three weeks after surgery any type of travel is permitted unless in unique and critical conditions

  1. What can be used to fasten healing process?

Usage of vitamin c is highly recommended and helpful to shorten the recovery duration

     3. is tummy tuck long-lasting or permanent surgery?

Regular exercise and proper diet are two important factors to have a

long-term result after abdominoplasty in Iran

     4. how is the Tommy Tuck scar?

The scar is below the bikini line and may look getting worse during the first few months due to swelling and the healing process, but it usually takes about 9 to 12 months for the scar to coalesce around the skin and become pale.