Don’t hide the beauty of your eyes behind your glasses, throw away them and give a try to the Lasik eye surgery (Femto -Lasik) in Iran. experience cost –effective procedure in the hands of professional surgeons and enjoy the rest of your life.

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Why Lasik eye surgery is necessary? Can the Lasik surgery in Iran be a good suggestion?

These are some frequent question I have faced several times. let’s discus the first question.

The other day I have gone to visit my friend having Lasik surgery in Iran. It was the first day of surgery and She had some discomfort and sting. I asked her is Lasik surgery worth having even this slight difficulty. she came up with the profound and effective answer.

she said: “when thing gets blurry, be like a cameraman, simply re-adjust your focus “.

That was the amazing expression for Lasik surgery. life is too short to wear boring glasses therefore say goodbye to your glasses and try a Lasik surgery easy as a pie.

When it comes to LASIK EYE SURGERY IN Iran.



First I have a question, what do you expect from a Femto -Lasik surgery ?

These are the potential answers :1-positive result 2-affordable price 3-safe condition 4-experienced surgeon 5-eqquipped clinic or hospital. 6-follow-up

Iran as a popular destination for medical tourism meet entire your needs and expectation.

Best eye surgeons in Iran:

Definitely a positive result will happen by a board-certified and experienced surgeon.

Easy access to the abundance of surgeons proficient in Lasik surgery in Iran, is what we are proud of .

and also plenty of specialist and doctors’ assistant trained how to follow –up and care about patients after surgeries.

Best eye hospital in Iran:

Best eye hospital in Iran

Best eye hospital in Iran

Following government’s perspective, majority of clinics and hospitals have been internationally standardized and equipped in recent years.

So the patient’s need of security and safe condition will be truly met.

Affordable price:

As you may know Iran is famous for cheap and effective medical services. therefore, Lasik surgery in Iran such as the other operations is performed at the lowest price in comparison to the developed countries.

This affordability is as a result of lower value of Rial (Iran currency) not poor quality.

cost of Lasik eye surgery in Iran is around 1100$ in 2021.

How much does the Lasik eye surgery cost in Iran?

Lasik eye surgery cost in Iran

Lasik eye surgery cost in Iran

Lasik eye surgery price in Iran is affected by multiple factors including: surgeon’s reputation, rate of hospital and city.

For instance, femto-Lasik eye surgery in Shiraz and femto -Lasik eye surgery in Mashhad are cheaper than Lasik eye surgery in Tehran.

But averagely Lasik eye surgery price in Iran is 700$-1500$.

Have a look at Lasik eye surgery in different countries.

Therefore, Patients can save up to 50% on the price of Lasik eye surgery in Iran

How is Lasik eye surgery in Iran performed?

How is Lasik eye surgery in Iran performed

How is Lasik eye surgery in Iran performed

Lasik eye surgery in Iran is one of the least risky surgical procedures in order to remove refractive errors.

Refractive errors include: Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism

In LASIK surgery, eye surgeon by the usage of a special tool which is named microkeratome or Femtosecond laser, creates an ultra-thin flap on the cornea.

This action is done in order to enable surgeon to have access to stroma and removes some corneal tissue the usage of excimer laser.

cataract surgery in iran

for related service, the center of cataract surgery in iran by IRAN HEALTH AGENCY

The last step is returning back the collected layer to its former location

excimer laser*: An instrument that uses shorter wave (ultraviolet) light to vaporize and remove tissue from the eye’s surface during vision correction procedures such as LASIK and PRK.

One of the best types of LASIK is the use of femto—Lasik technique which combines femtosecond laser and excimer laser.

Feto-LASIK is a superior LASIK procedure and one of the latest surgical procedures to treat refractive eye defects.

The femtosecond laser device can detect the amount of energy and the number of pulses emitted and focus the laser energy at a point in the depth and surface of the cornea.

Lasik eye surgery in forbidden

In some cases, Lasik eye surgery is forbidden:

People having dry eyes, keratoconus, corneal opacity, cataracts, glaucoma, retinal problems, acute diabetes

Do not have Lasik eye surgery if you are under 18 years old.

Pregnant women should not undergo eye surgery.

patients over 18 years old must have passed at least 6 months from the date their eye scores were fixed, to be a suitable candidate for LASIK eye surgery in this country.

What to do before Lasik eye surgery in Iran?

before Lasik eye

before Lasik eye

There are some pre-op instructions necessary for resulting in successful surgery:

  1. stop eye make-up a few days before LASIK eye surgery in Iran
  2. Wash your eyes well the night before surgery when going to bed.
  3. People who wear soft lenses must take them away one week before surgery and people who wear hard lenses must take them away about two weeks before Lasik eye surgery in this country.

4 – Consult your ophthalmologist about internal diseases, ocular diseases, as well as the medications you are taking.

  1. Before having LASIK, make sure you do not have a headband or a mobile phone.
  2. Do not use perfume, cologne and other fragrances on the day of operation (laser device is sensitive to smell)

What happens during the Lasik eye surgery?

Before starting the Lasik eye surgery, Anesthesia drop is used therefore You will not have much pain during the operation.

Then The eyelids are disinfected with iodine solution after that you lie on the bed in the laser room, and again drop an anesthesia dropped into your eye.


The eyelids are held open by a special device so the operating room microscope is placed in front of your face while Inside the microscope there is a small red light which will be fixed in the beginning but flashing during the Lasik eye surgery.

In order to increase the precision of the refractive error correction, you need to stare at this light regularly (specifically when you hear the laser-driven jerking sound).

Not mention that, Lasik eye surgery in Iran as an outpatient operation takes only 15 minutes per eye.

After few hours in clinic or hospital, the patient can be discharged.

What to do after Lasik eye surgery in Iran?

after Lasik

after Lasik

 After your LASIK eye surgery in Iran, your eyes will experience pain and sensation for two to three days

Having a severe pain at first night is normal and expectable more painkiller can silent it, additionally, resting in   the dark room and using ice compresses and towels will help.

In the first few days after Lasik eye surgery don’t rub your eyes.

To drop the eye drops, just pull the lower-eyelid down and apply the drop into the eye. Don’t forget not to touch your upper eyelid.

Try not to strain your eyes, in the first week after surgery, Visual changes (your vision is sometimes blurry and sometimes clear) A slight burning sensation are normal, but if you have severe, progressive blurry vision such as immediate condition after Lasik eye surgery, visit your surgeon.

Driving after a few days isn’t hindrance.

Acetaminophen codeine tablets can be taken every 4 hours if pain persists.

Use eye drops as directed by your doctor.


Do activities relating to eyes such as driving, TV watching, reading and so on … as long as your vision is sufficient and not tired.

For the first few weeks, wear sunglasses outdoors.

Be careful not to rub your eyes during the first month.

During the first two weeks after Lasik eye surgery in Iran, avoid the make-up around the eyes.


Don’t go swimming for two to three weeks after the Lasik eye surgery in Iran after mentioned period you are supposed to wear the swim goggles.

Do not dive for at least three months after surgery.

dry eye after Lasik eye surgery is common in some cases.

How long is recovery duration of Lasik eye surgery in Iran?

The recovery duration will be 3-6 months to have a stable vision and sight.

What are the risks of Lasik eye surgery?

risks of Lasik eye surgery

risks of Lasik eye surgery

Excessive or less than usual treatment may occur in this case the further surgery, contact lenses, or glasses might be required. The other following risks are temporary complications resolving over time.


Seeing halos or light bulbs at night (halos or starburst)

Corneal Infection: amazingly sight-threatening complications such as infection are extremely rare.

Study glasses may still be required after Lasik eye surgery.

although Some patients have better vision than before surgery, they may still need glasses for good vision after LASIK surgery.

Light sensitivity. »

eye dryness


Myopia at night: since during the Lasik eye surgery only the central part of the cornea is deformed, while at night, light enters the eye from that part of cornea, which has not been deformed,

Even if there is excellent daytime vision, at night it may be necessary to wear glasses for complete vision.

But the most important side effects of LASIK are those that can reduce the vision of one or two eyes and will not be corrected by glasses. The causes of vision loss in these patients are mainly corneal opacity or irregularity

good to know that not only  many of these complications can be mitigated by preventative measures and beforehand information but also they rarely occur.

according to the research conducted on a large number of patients, the chance of vision loss was about one in a thousand. According to these statistics, it can be concluded that Lasik eye surgery in Iran is much safer than other eye surgeries.

What are the different types of eye surgery by laser?

types of eye surgery by laser

types of eye surgery by laser

– Many surgeries are performed on the cornea. The surgeries may be superficial or deep. Actually there are 3 methods including: Lasek, PRK, femto-Lasik

Laser (PRK) and laser (Lasek) are the corneal surface operations. In these techniques, the superficial layer of the cornea is laser-scratched and then healed. Whereas femto- Lasik eye surgery is a deeper procedure, because a layer is removed from the cornea, the underside of the layer is treated by laser then returned to the original position.

Obviously Surgeries dealing with surface of cornea have fewer complications while LASIK eye surgery in Iran is more profound so the complications are wider.

Lasik eye surgery weakens your eyes:

Lasik eye surgery weakens your eyes

Lasik eye surgery weakens your eyes

To perform Lasik eye surgery, firstly a layer of 160-micron thickness is created and then the cornea under the layer is laser cut. This layer is returned to its original position at the end of the operation and consolidates within a few days after the operation. But we must know that this layer created in Lasik eye surgery can never regain its previous strength even after many years, and it has been seen that in the case of severe trauma to the eye, this layer can be removed or displaced. Therefore, for people who are more commonly exposed to trauma, such as military and law enforcement personnel, as well as martial arts athletes, LASIK may not be the appropriate choice, and performing PRK or Lasek procedure may be more rational.

Is it possible the eye score to return the previous grade after Lasik eye surgery?

In terms of eye number, a small percentage of patients develop eye score (but not preoperative rates), which generally comprise less than 5% of cases. If the eye number is low, 6 weeks to 3 months after surgery the result will be fixed and will not change. If the eye number is high, especially “at numbers greater than -8 diopters, this time is longer and usually” 6 months to one year. However, there are a number of people with myopia who have never stopped developing their eye numbers, there is a possibility of 0.5 to 1 score increase yearly.

It is important to know that the laser is not able to stop the progression of the number of eyes after the Lasik eye surgery, the amount of myopia or glasses score will change after few years, which should not be considered as a reduction of the laser effect and the onset of the disease.