Central lip lift surgery in Iran
Central lip lift surgery in Iran

Central lip lift surgery in Iran is a cost-effective procedure improving facial aesthetics. Plastic surgeons in Iran employing their years of experience in first class hospital and clinics is a definite guarantee for positive outcome.

Multiple factors play roles in the creation of face beauty. standard distance between lip and nose is one of those factors.

is the option to prolong the appearance of the lips for a long time. This involves lifting or trimming the upper lip to restore the proper ratio between the upper lip and the lower lip.

Why central lip lift surgery in Iran?

Experienced surgeons:

since Iranian people are in plastic and cosmetic surgeon, Iranian plastic surgeons keep up with latest method techniques to meet the patients’ need.

On the other hands most of them are graduated from European and American universities.

Let me add according to the latest researches Iranian surgeons do around 100 surgeries each month so they face variety of cases with severe abnormalities.

lip lift surgery in IranWell-equipped hospital and clinics:

Convenience access to top-rated clinic and hospital with latest and modern facilities is one of the factors attracting thousand heath tourist annually.

Affordable price:

The sharp devaluation of Iran currency, Iranian life style have turned Iran to a popular destination for medical tourism.


fat injection to lips

How much does a central lip lift cost in Iran?

What defines the price of central lip lift surgery in Iran include: surgeon reputation, case severity, destination. but averagely central lip lift surgery in Iran costs from 500-1000 dollars.

before and after photos of Lip lift surgery

lip lift in before and afterlip lift in before afterbefore and after of lip lift surgery in Iranlip lift surgery in Iran before afterLip lift

What is standard distance between upper lip and nose tip?

the standard length of area between the colomella (middle nasal column) and the upper lip is 12-15 mm. However, this range may vary based on the facial features of different people.

Actually The vertical height of the upper lip (measured from below the nose to the upper lip border) is ideally half the height of the lower lip (measured from the lower lip to lower chin).

How is the procedure of central lip lift in Iran?

Central lip lift is performed to give the more stunning and Hollywood look to the lips and also reduce the gap of Columella and upper lip which is   done under local anesthesia and generally it is an outpatient procedure.

There are different kind of central lip lifting including:

1-central lip lift by surgery in Iran

Surgical lip lift is a simple, permanent operation that can be done by facial specialist, plastic surgeon and dermatologist passing necessary courses.

There are patterns for cutting the excess skin as below:

Italian Lip Lift in Iran

  • Italian Lip Lift in Iran

The Italian lip lift consists of two separate cuts under each nostril. In this way, excess skin will be removed from cut sides and then each of the left and right lips are pulled upward separately by closing the wound, thereby reducing the distance between the lips and the nose.

  • Corner lip lift in Iran:

Corner lip lift is a suitable pattern for those whose faces look always sad due to droopiness of outer corner of the lips.

The incisions are made exactly on the outer border of the upper lip.  Actually A small triangular shape is separated from skin at the corners of the mouth.

Corner lip lift is a good alternative for patients looking for a permanent solution to manage deep wrinkles around the lips.

Would you like to make your smile more beautiful !?

Hollywood smile in Iran with lowest Cost

Noted that corner lip lift is not a 100 percent positive solution for too deep wrinkles, but usually the corneal lift technique will largely eliminate the problem.

  • Bullhorn lip lift

One of the surgical procedures for upper lip lifting is not cutting the upper lip, but rather cutting under the nose.

This method is called central lip lift or bullhorn. In this method, the skin is cut just below the nose, so that when the wound heals, the scar places in the natural groove at the base of the nose and, therefore, it is well hidden.

Since the cut width is equal and parallel to width of the nose, only the central portion of the upper lip is lifted. The upper lip corners remain the same as before because they are not raised with the central lip lift.

The central lip lift reduces the distance between the upper lip and the tip of the nose and allows the upper row teeth to be noticeable. Bullhorn lip lifting method means showing more vermilion on the upper lip to make the lips look more beautiful.

GULLWING lip lift in Iran

Another method of lip lifting but not a popular method is Gall Wing lip lift, also called vermilion lip lift. Cutting is done all the way to the border of the vermilion at the juncture of pink part to the skin.

Then a ribbon-like section is removed from the skin (flesh-colored section) and sutured to the skin that is now in the upper region. This also reduces the distance of the lip to the nose. However, the negative point of this method is scars on the entire upper lip.

  • V-Y lip lift

Another technique commonly used for lower lip lift is called V-Y incision. One to three small “V” shaped incisions are made in the oral mucosa (the damp area inside the mouth) and then the sutures are made into a “Y” shape.

It opens above the V and thus expands as the lip improves and the inner lip extends to the point where the upper lip and the lower lip reach each other when the mouth is closed.

This procedure can correct the appearance of lower row protruding teeth. When performing a V-Y incision, surgeons are careful not to cut the muscles under the mucosa so as not to damage the superficial nerves.

Central lip lift by thread2-central lip lift by thread

In this method, the lifting and filling threads are applied in different directions in and around the lip.

Who is the candidate for central lip lift surgery in Iran?

Ladies and gentlemen suffering from thin lips

Abnormal length of central lip

Having wrinkles due to aging or smoking

Desire of having bigger lips

People who would like their teeth to be visible while smile

What are the positive points of central lip lift surgery in Iran?

  • Prettier smile
  • more prominent and more lustrous lips
  • younger face
  • short and safe procedure
  • no need to general anesthesia
  • long durability
  • affordable price
  • noticeable change in face
  • creation of balance between facial component
  • no entrance of artificial material like gel and filler
  • natural result

lip lift in IranWhat are the complications of central lip lift surgery in Iran?

Selection of experienced doctor can minimize the potential risks infection, visible scar and unnatural result.

but like any other operation it will have some temporary side effects like swelling, itchiness, numbness and redness at will be disappear in few days.

How long is the recovery duration of central lip lift surgery in Iran?

After central lip lift surgery in Iran, you are able to resume your daily activities within 4-5 days. In general, bruising and swelling are observed shortly after central lip lift surgery Also to manage the pain and relieve the discomfort that exists in most patients, Common and non-prescription painkillers can be used.

However, if the patient feels severe pain, the doctor will prescribe painkillers to reduce the amount of pain and discomfort.

You should avoid exercising and smoking at least a week after lifting your lip. Smoking only delays the healing process and can cause serious problems for your body. If you have performed lip lifting with lip enhancement, the same post-surgical care will apply.

What are the post-lip lift care?

  • Apply ice compresses on the lips in the first few hours after surgery.
  • The site of surgical wounds should be rinsed 6 times daily with sterile saline and gas and use the medication prescribed, usually an antibiotic ointment, on the suture line.
  • Avoid stiff foods that require a lot of chewing during the first two weeks after central lip lift surgery.
  • Avoid manipulation and any stretching of the wound and tissues around the nose and lip.
  • Do not use any cosmetics at the surgical site for up to a week after surgery.

Is central lip lift surgery permanent? does it need repeat in following years?

It is actually long lasting procedure, maybe after 20 years you need to repeat it.

How long after Rhinoplasty I can go through central lip lift surgery?

The final result of Rhinoplasty takes around 6 months to appear, then the final effect of that on other facial component will be obvious.so

Month after nose surgery is a rational time to wait.

Is it a painful procedure?

Central lip lift surgery is performed under local anesthesia. therefore, patient doesn’t feel pain during operation. after surgery you will have manageable and slight pain.

are the scars visible?

if the procedure is well designed, carefully done and with proper aftercare, the scars are usually not visible to other people and can be completely invisible with makeup.

Let me mention that 6 to 12 weeks after surgery, scars will be fade and after 1 year totally invisible.

How much skin is removed during lip lifting?

This is a subject that is different in each operation according to the patient’s condition and in each patient is different from the other. The amount of skin to be removed depends on the physician’s assessment, the patient’s aesthetic goals, and the elasticity of the skin.

Does performing a lip lift make a difference in mouth movements?

No matter what kind of lip lift surgery is performed, it does not affect the nerves or muscles of the mouth. Any kinds of surgical procedures you choose, there will be a mild swelling rate immediately after surgery. Although swelling can be eliminated, it may be difficult to pronounce or eat certain foods at first. Noted that This problem is temporary and generally disappears after two days. As your recovery progresses, your lips will move naturally and naturally.

How long central lip lift surgery takes?

It is a short operation; it takes only 30 to 45 minutes.

How long after surgery the final result appears?

2-3 weeks after procedure.


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