Botox in Iran All about Botox and filler in Iran  How is the procedure of Botox in Iran Let me know the available brands of Botox in this country

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Which one do you prefer? Money or pleasant feeling?

Everyday morning, looking at the mirror facing your wrinkles on your forehead and around the eyes then filling upset the whole day or spending a few bucks on Botox injection and enjoy seven to eight months.

Ask you to think about the question I will help you with finding the answer.

All about Botox and filler in Iran:

All about Botox and filler in Iran

All about Botox and filler in Iran

Firstly, lets know what Botox is then we will go through its pros and cons and durability.

Botox is an abbreviation of botulism poison. The function of Botox injection directly into muscle is to reduces its activity and eliminates the lines and wrinkles left over from the face muscles overworking.

Botox’s mission as a fast and relatively non-invasive method get fulfilled between 4 to 7 days.

How is the procedure of Botox in Iran?

Botox in Iran by professional and experienced either dermatologists or plastic surgeons at top-rated clinics using material certified by FDA (Food and Drug Administration of USA) at the most affordable cost are strong enough reason to tempt you.

Botox in Iran as a cosmetic, non-surgical, safe and painless procedure takes only few minutes as flash.

The effects of Botox in Iran will be noticeable after 3 to 7 days.

Botox cost in Iran? cheaper or more expensive than other countries?

Botox cost in Iran

Botox cost in Iran

Even if spending on beauty and health has been always recommended. But money does not grow on trees.

Botox in Iran costs 80$-120$. should be mentioned that some other factors play significant rules in defining the final price. Including: dose of substance, reputation of doctor and bran, wrinkles deepness.

Let me know the available brands of Botox in Iran;

Dysport from UK

Xeomin, from Germany

Neuronox from Korea

Masport from Iran

The commonly used brands of Botox in Iran are Dysport and Neuronox .

What does Botox do with my wrinkles?

First of all, we have two types of face wrinkles:

1-The type of dynamics that are caused by the repeated movement of muscles over the years.

2 – Static type caused by a decrease in elasticity of the skin due to various causes that gravity can be one of them.

For long years, the one and only way to treat static wrinkles was lifting affecting on face and eyebrows let me mention that even lifting doesn’t work for treating dynamic wrinkles while Botox injection does.

Additionally, some people have a smile (Mona Lisa’s smile) where the corners of the mouth are naturally stretched to the bottom of the upper lip. Botox injection can eliminate this condition.

The vertical wrinkles on the forehead, between two eyebrows commonly appear in people who are used to frowning when talking or even sleeping. Botox perfectly remove this kind of wrinkles even if deep and profound one.

Botox injection is also a reliable solution for the wrinkles around the eyes.

Forehead folds, and Asymmetry of the eyelids or eyebrows are other application of Botox injection.

Is Botox in Iran  Safe? Isn’t it poisonous?

 Botox is a naturally occurring protein that is administered at a very low dose. The effect of Botox is usually limited to the injection site and does not spread to other parts of the body. Botox has been certified by the FDA and its 20-year clinical use has proven its safety.

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What is the use of Botox in non-cosmetic cases?

Botox application in non-cosmetic cases: There are various situations in which Botox injection can be a solution.

Actually Botox injection is not limited only to beautification. Some treatments, including facial muscle spasms or elsewhere, eyelid jumps, neck muscle spasms, and contractions of the neck, severe lupus of the eyes are other application of Botox injection

get rid of Migraine

Botox injection is the best treatment for migraine headaches and has been successful in treating patients with chronic daily headache.

Indeed, Botox injection in order to migraine treatment must be in the right places and in accordance with the FDA protocol at 31 points in the head and neck muscles.

including 7 points in the frontal muscle(forehead), 4 points in the temporal muscles of each side, 3 points in the occipital muscles (posterior). of each side, two points in the parotid muscle for each side of the neck and three points in the trapezius (upper shoulder) of each side, so it is different from the common Botox injections, and must be done well by a neurologist.

Stop excessively sweating

Botox uses are not just limited to cosmetic aspects. One of the therapeutic applications of Botox is to eliminate excessive sweating.

In this case, Botox is injected into the skin instead of being injected into the muscle, and the Botox injection function to prevent sweating starts after 7 days and the durability is about 7 months.

If the injection is renewed on a regular basis, it will last up to 16 months.

Am I a candidate for Botox injection in Iran?

Botox injection is not recommended for some groups of people if you are not in the category below you can be a candidate for Botox:

  • People under the age of 18 years.
  • People who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • People with acute cardiovascular disease.
  • People with MS or kidney failure.
  • People with active infections or weakened immune systems.
  • People with coagulopathy.
  • People who are allergic to bovine protein.
  • Those with infectious and inflammatory disease in and around the face.
  • Those who use anticoagulants.
  • Those who have been vaccinated in the last two weeks.
  • People who have a history of allergies to this drug.

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What are the complications of Botox in Iran?

before and after botox

before and after botox

In fact, Botox is a safe and low-risk procedure provided that you take it to a specialist and have the right injection and operating conditions.

If your doctor does not have enough expertise you may experience facial asymmetry, muscle weakness, and so on.

Normally If the injection gets done properly the risk of side effects will be zero, but there is sometimes a slight scarring or redness in the injection area, which will be temporarily and resolved shortly.

In rare cases, the more severe side effects of Botox will appear in:



And breathing

Of course, these side effects rarely occur, especially if the dosage of substance is sufficient.

Basically Botox injection in Iran is totally simple, so you can even inject it while you are in the middle of work and get back to work and life without anyone noticing!

What shall I do after Botox in Iran?

After Botox injection in Iran, you need to be careful about a few things:

First, you should not massage on the injection site

do not put any pressure on the injection site.

Apply cold compresses to injection sites for several hours.

Contracting the muscles have been injected.

 The difference between fillers in Iran and Botox

 The difference between fillers in Iran and Botox

The difference between fillers in Iran and Botox

First of all, you need to know, what is your purpose of injection and what part of your face you want to inject.

In addition to Botox in Iran, there is another product called gel or filler that has no wrinkle-removing properties but is used solely to fill in gaps. Botox is essentially crippling, so it is used more for the upper part of the face.

But the gel or filler has a filling state and is used on the lower part of the face. The fillers are injected into the cheeks, laughter line, chin and lips.