what will happen if I don’t sleep in a correct position after Rhinoplasty?
correct sleep position after Rhinoplasty

what will happen if I don’t sleep in a correct position after Rhinoplasty?

This is the first important question that pops into patients minds after the nose job and make them worried.

If you ask me what the greatest pleasure of the world is, I will definitely answer you, a good and comfortable night’s sleep.

At least for me as person known for sleeping like a log, can’t be anything else.

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Now I’m going to tell you about the days after my nose job in Iran.

While the new look is very exciting, there are also some things that make it very difficult, but overall, the Rhinoplasty’s strengths outweigh its weaknesses.

I would like to share my experience about which day would be the toughest one after nose job, how to sleep after Rhinoplasty till one month, what would be the effects of sleeping in a wrong position and generally what preparations are necessary before going to bed.

Rhinoplasty or informally called nose job is an operation that people go through it for either cosmetic or functional purposes.

Nose job surgery such as any other operations has its own difficulties and post-operative care.in this article I will share my own experience over Rhinoplasty in Iran.

What is the toughest day after nose job?

sleeping after rhinoplasty
sleeping after rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is famous as a patient –out surgery that means no need to hospitalization.

I remember the surgery day when I got out of the operating room and I was slowly Gaining consciousness. I would feel frizzing in a way that my teeth began to chatter.

Fortunately, When I woke up and transferred to the recovery room, I didn’t feel any pain at all, just I felt like my head was heavy and I couldn’t breathe through my nose. There were the only irritations I had all because of existence of splint and bandage on my nose.

My doctor came to see me with a series of recommendations and prescribed medication including painkillers and antibiotics and allowed me to be officially discharged from the hospital.

To make a long story short, the first night seemed to me the hardest night,

one the one hand you don’t know how to handle the conditions and how to sleep On the other hand, the effects of painkillers was gradually disappearing and the pain starting, but let me add that the pain was so slight that got resolved with painkillers.

The first three days after the nose job in Iran were the hardest days until I removed the tampons from nostrils, but almost the only difficulty was breathing that didn’t make me sleep well.

As soon as I got rid of the tampons, everything came back in place so I could   even cook at the third night.

But till 7th day that your splint will be removed you must put up with situation and find a way to have a rather comfortably sleep.

Why sleep is important after the nose job?

Importance of adequate sleep for immune system is not deniable. since during the night sleep the larger number of blood cells are dedicated to injured tissue, the healing process become fastened.

Don’t forget to take enough rest during first weeks not to make your body tired and powerless.

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How to correctly sleep after Rhinoplasty?

bad sleep position after Rhinoplasty
bad sleep position after Rhinoplasty

There are always post –op instructions guiding to get the perfect possible result of any surgery no matter medical or cosmetic procedure. When It comes to Rhinoplasty sleeping in a correct way get included.

Generally, if you choose the best plastic surgeon in Iran with open eyes, your surgeon is the only one to trust and listen to,

My surgeons advised me to/not to

1-keep nose and head above the heart

In few first week, in order to avoid swelling and bruise change the pattern of your normal sleep.

Having a permanent satisfactory result is worth enduring the temporary hardships.

2-place two pillow under the neck

Usage of two pillow in order to stable the position of your head above the heart, not only protects you nose from swelling but also provide you with more comfortable breath and sleep.

3-not to sleep with your partner

Stop having sex, stop sleeping with your husband, stop sleeping with your pet, stop sleeping with your kid to avoid the potential risks and injuries.

Just few days caring equals a life-time happiness.

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4-sleep on back

Plenty of people aren’t used to sleeping on back, but good to know that preventing blood from collecting, reducing swelling,better breathing  and releveling any congestion you may experience after rhinoplasty ,are outstanding advantages of laying on the back.

What will happen if I sleep in a wrong position one month after Rhinoplasty?

sleeping after nose job
sleeping after nose job

Although there is no strong evidence that noticeably affect the Rhinoplasty result, it can influence to some extent.

Since an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, it is better to do it than not.

During the nose job Procedure, the surgeon either a plastic surgeon or an ENT doctor removes the nose flap and skin from the underlying tissue, which causes the blood to accumulate and secrete underneath the skin therefore swelling will be a result of this action

Other side effect of nose job will be nasal and lymphatic vessels cutting off.

But gradually swelling will disappear over time and all of these issues will be expectedly resolved.

In case of not having a proper pattern of sleep, for a few first weeks, we will face blood congestion in one are more than the other areas, leading to more severe swelling.

for example, when you sleep on the right or left side after the nose surgery, uneven swelling is inevitable. Either left or right side will be mire inflated in comparison to another side.

When is the time of sleeping on my side after Rhinoplasty?

before after rhinoplasty
before after rhinoplasty

This is you and your condition that define when is the suitable time to sleep on your side.

I mean it differs from patient to patient.

But obviously all of the patient have to tolerate sleeping on the back at least for a week after that depending on your nose swelling level you can quit or continue sleeping on the back for few more weeks.

Why should I say no to caffeine?

Effects of caffeine =not sleeping well

Not sleeping well=Slowing down the healing process

Effects of caffeine= Slowing down the healing process

Slowing down the healing process=longer time with swelling and bruise

Assuming the sentences above expressive enough, avoid explaining more.

Will Not deliberately rolling over screw my Rhinoplasty result up?

Thanks to nasal splint and surgical dressing which play a role of fixing the nose structure in their new position,there is nothing to worry .

It is very rare to ruin the Rhinoplasty outcome Even if you get up and find your face or nose touching the pillow.

In the worst condition you will experience more swelling or bruise. But trying to keep your body stabled and not moving a lot makes sense.

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Sleep position is not the only factor

best nose job
best nose job

After Rhinoplasty patient keep searching on the internet or asking their surgeons what to do foe fastening the heal process and shorten the recovery duration.

Stay tuned:

  1. The usage of cold compresses on the nose and middle areas for the first 2 hours in order to reduce swelling and bruising is a major necessity and one of the most important post-operative care after a nose job .
  2. Keep your head as high as possible.
  3. Avoid carrying heavy equipment and limit your physical activity like exercise and sport.
  4. To prevent the risk of hyperpigmentation for up to 3 weeks after nose surgery, avoid direct sun exposure and apply SPF 30 sunscreen if necessary.
  5. After bony nose job, don’t below and air breath by force (which some people do when they have nasal congestion or feel nose stuffing).
  6. Protect your nose against any damage.
  7. Avoid blowing your nose for at least two weeks after surgery.
  8. Sexual relationship is prohibited for up to 5 days.
  9. Avoid scratching your nose by hand.
  10. In order to protect your nasal splint from getting get wet on the first days, do not take a bath, especially hot water baths, until the nasal splint is removed.
  11. Refrain from smoking.
  12. Use soft foods in the first week after surgery.
  13. Reduce sodium intake.
  14. Do not drink any alcoholic beverages for up to 3 hours after surgery.
  15. Drink enough water.

How to wash and clean my nose after Rhinoplasty?

rhinoplasty in iran health agency
rhinoplasty in iran health agency

One of the post-operative care of the nose  after Rhinoplasty is the correct way of nose washing.

After surgery and after discharging from the hospital, you can gently clean the outside of your nose with a cotton pad or  an ear cleaner soaked with  hydrogen peroxide.

After removing thesplint, the nose should be cleaned twice daily to remove the external fat secreted by the skin glands. If you do not clean the skin of the nose, it can cause the nose to swell for a longer time. But keep in mind that nasal cleansing should be done slowly .be careful not to apply u not pressure on it while cleaning your nose.

Sometimes because of the presence of blood and nasal mucos, the patient may have to breathe through the mouth. In this case, it is recommended to use saline spray and saline serum to maintain wetness.

In fact, spray saline is a plastic box that sends low-pressure water through one nostril and exits from another nostril.

Normally doctors prescribe spray saline for a week after surgery and recommend using it until recovery.

You can rinse your nose with brine for a week after surgery to keep it clean.

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