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Dr. Ehsan Birang

Dr. Ehsan Birang
Dr. Ehsan Birang

Specialty: Periodontist, Implant fellowship

Language: English, Farsi


Procedures: immediate implant, jawbone transplantation and reconstruction

Transplantation and reconstruction of oral soft tissue, bone grafting Dentist, specialist in gum surgeon and oral diseases

Biography :

Dr .Ehsan Birang a young specialist from Isfahan whose father is one of the most famous dentists.

Dr. Ehsan Birang is a  Dentist, Surgeon & Gum Specialist, Dental Implant Specialist, Periodontics Board

He is also Specialized Fellowship of Dental Implants from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences

Dr .Ehsan Birang is Member of Iranian Periodontists Association,Member of the Young and Elite Researchers Association,Member of Iranian Dental Association,Member of Dental Research Center,Member of the International Imentology Team (ITI),Author of more than 10 articles in authoritative domestic and foreign journals,Author of the book Immediate Implant Surgery Essentials,Author of the book Dentistry and Pregnancy and Instructor of Implant Workshops, Bone Transplant, Soft Tissue Transplant and Gum Surgery.