PRP injection in Iran 

If your wrinkles and thin hair, Acne scars and wounds even thin and patchy eyebrows get on your nerve medical science has figured out an extremely natural, none-surgical procedure, named PRP or plasma therapy. In this article I will prove you why PRP injection in Iran is the most appropriate and safe choice . don’t doubt about Iran as the best platform with many reliable specialist offering the greatest course of plasma therapy at the super affordable price.

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All we need TO know about PRP injection  or Plasma therapy

in Iran:

PRP injection Is an abbreviation of platelet-rich plasma

PRP injection  or Plasma therapy in Iran and other countries is a 100% natural technique utilizing the patient’s own blood components to stimulate and repair destroyed tissues in the desired areas of the face, neck, head and chest, hands and body.

Indeed, PRP is a new method playing magnificent role in improvement of hair and skin.

For skin, it will help with cologne production, changing color, tone, texture, and appearance of your skin in a better.

Employing PRP for hair will stimulates hair follicles, and beside hair thickening affects hair count increase and also help with new hair growth.

What is plasma and what are platelets?

Let me start with plasma’s mission in a human body. Liquid section of whole blood is named plasma compound water and protein which takes over circulating of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets through the body.
platelets are blood cells that their duty is providing blood clots and other essential growth healing functions.



Can I ask what exactly a specialist does whit our blood?

plasma therapy in iran

One to a few tubes of our blood will be taken and put into a centrifuge or any other specific device spinning at high speed to separate then concentrate the platelets.


After the completion of separation, activated platelets are then directly injected into destroyed or injured tissues, the scalp of your head or your skin.


 To make a long story short, high concentration of platelets which is 5 to 10 time more than a normal blood causes a high –speed cure.



  Which age is a good start for PRP?

Actually age is not an effective factor on PRP procedure. Both categories eitherPRP injection in Iran young or elder lies   can take advantage of this beneficial method. the first group for improvement their skin hair quality and the second one can use it as a practical and none-surgical treatment.

When it comes to the application of PRP injection

  • Hair growth: injected PRP into the scalp stops hair loss and help to the hair regrowth
  • Tissue regeneration: doctors use PRP after jaw and also plastic surgeries to speed-up healing the wounds and injured tissues. Such as:

             o Tendons

             o Ligaments

            o Muscles

  • Decline in inflammation: the doctors utilize this method in order to reduce inflammation as a result of osteoarthritis.

I have heard about usage of PRP injection in Iran for knee treatment, is that true?

Based on researchers’ examination result, there are growth elements in platelets existing in blood.

Indeed, PRP puts this theory in action that injection of growth factors available in blood play a significant role in forming and re-building destroyed tissues and fasten the healing procedure .so that is supposed to remove inflammation in the tissue.

prp injection on knee

When growth factors start to communicate with local cells, alarm and actually motivate them to go through the cell division and migration. This promotes tissue formation. In conclusion PRP injection is considered as an updated way to heal inflammation.





 So I have to say usage of plasma therapy for knee is a true and proved claim.




Why should I trust Iran as a good platform for PRP injection?
For the couple of reasons ……stay tuned;

1: the first and most important concern is quality: right?

I totally perceive you since medical services potentially have risks and concern and when it comes to medical tourism ending up getting surgery or operation in a foreign country, the risks and anxiety become greater, but researches done in 2007 illustrates that over 50,000 none -resident patient had selected Iran for treatment.

Reference: Articles from Journal of Education and Health Promotion are provided here courtesy of Wolters .

This is as a result of government’s perspective on equipping hospitals and clinics in order to offer world-class services.

Second factor is plenty of doctors, specialist, nurses and surgeons graduated from top-rated medical school located in foreign and developed countries like united states.

Additionally, Iran is famous for possessing a unique combination of healthy and pleasant climate, amazing scenery, stunning and magnificent historical and cultural heritage as well as cutting-edge technology and advanced equipment.

So don’t hesitate to have PRP injection in Iran.

prp injection in iran2: the second significant factor when you are putting two and two together in order to find a worthy service, is price.

Let’s discuss this issue as well:

Basically plastic surgery in Iran doesn’t cost a fortune. for example, nose job in Iran, one of popular cosmetic surgery is 4 times less than the other countries.

But Low price is not a sign of low I mentioned before the specialist keep up with the latest technology and Methods.

So you must get rid of your concern considering that PRP injection cost in Iran is from 150$ to 300$.

What Iran health agency does for you is completely explained in the page named medical packages in Iran.

Our mission is getting 100% satisfaction of every single patient in each field.

So that’s why we are doing our best to come up with the most special and qualified packages and services at a super comfortable condition.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of PRP?

Since while PRP injection deals with a person’s own blood and platelets, there shouldn’t be serious negative reaction to the injection.

On the negative side, people having plasma therapy might slightly be suffering from Mild pain, redness our temporary itchiness in the injection area.

So positive points outweigh the negative ones.

How long after the injection I can get back to the normal life?

Plasma therapy is a super safe and simple injection, therefore even

temporary side effects such as heat, burning, redness or itchiness disappear in fe

prp injection on hair

w days so there is no expectation of downtime.


Is PRP sessions a fixed number for all patients?

Well, PRP sessions differs from person to person depending on individual’s needs and conditions.

Usually, patients need 3 sessions to get the most desirable results out of their procedure. In severe cases, up to 6 sessions will be required.

For instance, if you desire to have the best result for the hair growth 3 session at least is suggested.

When can I notice changes and result of PRP injection?

The immediate outstanding result of the cure is the betterment of skin elasticity.

Then skin gradually star to modify tone and texture. But final result wouldn’t take more than two or 3 weeks.

The first noticeable result of the treatment is an improvement in the skin elasticity. Then, the skin begins to alter and improve in terms of tone and texture. The final results will appear within two weeks.

When the procedure is done on hair and scalp you will notice hints of results after few weeks. not to mention, duration differs from 3 to 8 months.

Let me add, PRP injection in Iran or any other destination wouldn’t bring you a permanent result and changes. anticipated lasting is around 1 or 2 years .so procedure repetition will be required in order to maintain the result.prp injection result in iran

How the PRP procedure is done Iran?

As The original procedure PRP injection in Iran is done under medical and international standards,

    Step 1: centrifuging 10 to 30 milliliters of the patient’s blood for about 15 minutes.

prp procedure in iran

Step 2: separation of red and white cells during the first step.

Step 3: in order to protect you from irritation, apply local numbing cream on your skin for about 45 minutes.

Step 4: injection of extracted rich platelets

Step 5: prescription of follow-up medicine and instruction and no need to Hospitalization

Post-PRP injection tips:

  • The use of cold compresses after PRP injection is forbidden since platelets are sensitive to coldness and disappear at a temperature of 2 ° C.
  • Painkillers from the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory category are not recommended for days after PRP and acetaminophen codeine or tramadol are more appropriate.
  • Do not shower or bathe for 24 hours after PRP injection, and then you can take a shower using warm water for up to three days.
  • In case, injection was done around the eyes, wearing glasses is recommended.

Plasma therapy and VS. Mesotherapy together? Makes sense?

Let’s have a brief look at Mesotherapy :

mesotherapy in iran

Mesotherapy is a new and modern method that utilizes injections of enzymes, hormones, vitamins and plant extracts to rejuvenate and tighten skin, as well as remove excess fat.

Since Mesotherapy such as PRP is a non-invasive aesthetic treatment, therefore combination of these two techniques has been recommended in order to take advantage of both procedures. Obviously mixture of two treatments will fasten stimulation of natural healing mechanism and also help with more lasting up.

If I were you I would give it a shot.


Which steps should I follow to arrange a PRP treatment in Iran?

In case of considering PRP injection in Iran , IRAN HEALTH AGENCY is at your proposal to providing you with unforgettable trip beside world-class medical service.

Arrangement will be from a visa to booking all other requirement including private car and interpreter, making doctor appointment, accommodation booking and etc.

Contact us any time via online form, email, What’s app number or any other media you are more comfortable at.